I hope you’re having a great week.

Officially the last day of April…


How’s it been working out for you?

Have you managed to hit your goals this month?


I’ve lost track of the number of people I’ve heard this month alone saying they STILL haven’t lost weight and they’re STILL not where they want to be.


If you’re one of those people who are trying to shift those stubborn pounds then hopefully this email will help you.


Here’s 10 reasons why you may NOT be losing that bodyfat:



1. You’re Eating Too Many Carbs.


Most AVERAGE people pack waaay too many carbs into their diet and simply don’t do enough physically demanding work to warrant it.


Think starchy carbs like breads, cereals, pastas, pizzas, rice, potatoes…


Cereal + toast for breaky + sandwich for lunch + big bowl of pasta for dinner = carb overload = fat storage.


If you want to lose weight REDUCING the amount of these types of carbs is usually one of the first and most important steps you need to take along with PORTION SIZE.


That doesn’t mean you SHOULDN’T or CAN’T have any but you need to make smart choices about just HOW much you’re consuming and WHEN you’re consuming them.


If you like your pasta and you’ve just had a workout –  great time to enjoy it.


If you’ve been sitting on your backside in the office all day and sofa all evening – aim for something less carby like chicken, veg and a few small potatoes.



2. You’re Eating Too Much Fat.


Some people cut carbs and assume that they’re ‘good to go’ and there’s nothing else to worry about.


Unfortunately, the low/no carb diet isn’t as much fun as Dr. Atkins made it out to be.


You can’t just eat pounds of bacon and mayo recklessly and think that you’ll magically end up lean.


Fat contains 9 calories per gram to be exact.


At the end of the day TOTAL calories still matter and if you’re eating MORE than you burn you’re never going to lose bodyfat  – FACT!


Please don’t mistake this as my advocating a LOW FAT diet.

That’s just as bad, if not worse than eating too much fat.


A minimum of 20% of your calories should come from healthy fats like egg yolks (yes you can eat them!), salmon, avocado, nuts, beef and coconut oil.


Just be careful about going overboard with it and thinking that low carbs automatically leads to lowering body-fat.


You still need to keep control on things like TOTAL calories and PORTION SIZE.



3. You’re Not Eating Enough Protein.


People who eat a sufficient amount of protein usually end up having an EASIER time losing bodyfat than those who don’t.


They feel FULLER for longer, have LESS cravings and are SATISFIED after their meals.


Make sure you’re getting enough (as a guideline approx. 2g per kg of body weight).


Want to know one of my fave, high protein snacks?


Check out my Tip of The Day




4. You’re Drinking Your Calories.


When you want to lose bodyfat it’s always better to CHEW as many of your calories as possible.


Making a food diary then forgetting to add that Startbucks Latte or cheeky mid afternoon hot choc may just solve your mystery problem.


The very act of chewing and digesting solid food burns MORE calories than drinking does.


Milk, protein shakes, fruit juice, flavoured water, tea/coffee, fizzy juice…they ALL have calories.



5. You’re Eating Too many Nuts (See No. 2)


I loooove nuts, who doesn’t?

The problem is nuts have alot of calories.


If you’re trying to lose bodyfat you need to LIMIT your nut consumption to about a small handful per day – most people eat MUCH more than a handful!


Nuts should be used the same way you use condiments – SPARINGLY.

And sadly yes that includes almond butter and other nut butters, mmm yum.



6. You’re Eating Too Much Fruit.



You’re telling me not to eat fruit!?


Don’t get me wrong, fruit is healthy and can be eaten in LIMITED amounts but it STILL contains sugar any type of excessive sugar consumption will lead to fat gain.


If you want to lose bodyfat, limit fruit to 2 or 3 servings per day.


And make sure you up your vegetable game so you’re still packing in lots of nutrients.



7. You’re Overdoing The Cardio


Traditional forms of cardio (e.g 1-2 hrs on the cross trainer/bike/treadmill) are largely useless for the average person aiming for fat loss, not to mention BORING.


Excessive amounts of this type of cardio leads to a high production of cortisol which leads to MORE abdominal fat…interval training anyone?!



8. You’re Not Sprinting or Circuit Training


Healthy eating is the most important key for fat loss.


After that you should be doing some form of strength training / lifting weights to maintain / increase your muscle mass = INCREASED METABOLIC RATE.


Then try add some type of sprinting and/or circuit training.

In my opinion there is NOTHING more effective for fat loss.


1 to 2 10-20 minute sprints per week will be enough for most people.


Circuit training will also give you the most BANG for your BUCK as the exercises always involve large groups of muscles at the same time.


And if you’re going to participate in ANY type of exercise…


Check out my Tip of The Day FIRST:



9.  You’re Not Managing Stress Properly.


When you get stressed out your body produces a hormone known as CORTISOL.


This INCREASES bodyfat storage if it’s not controlled.


Most people are stressed out ALL day long which means their cortisol levels are always HIGH.


That leads to an INCREASE in bodyfat even if your diet and training are on point.


So make sure to take the time to de-stress, LAUGH, do something FUN and try not to take things so seriously.


Stress management is a seriously overlooked key in fat loss!



10. You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep.


When you’re short on sleep your insulin sensitivity DECREASES and your cortisol INCREASES.


Both of these PREVENT fat loss.


You also miss out on an important Growth Hormone boost that comes each night during deep sleep.


If you want to lose MORE fat you have to get MORE sleep.


Most people will ignore this and perhaps read this at 2am.

Unfortunately this just might be the most important thing on the whole list.


More sleep improves EVERYTHING – Make it a priority.


Tomorrow is the start of a NEW month…

Don’t wait till Monday to start making changes!


Lee ‘the fat blaster’ Donald x

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