Happy Bank Holiday Monday!

Whether you’re at work, playing with the kids or reading this laying in bed…


Take 30secs and answer the following 3 questions:

  What was the 1st thought when you woke up this morning? What was your 1st thought when you looked in the mirror?

What was your first thought when thinking about what you had to do today?

  Positive or Negative? (and be honest)


Apparently we have around 70, 000 thoughts a day.

Imagine if most of them were NEGATIVE…pretty miserable, huh?.

  Now flip that, imagine if most of them were POSITIVE…   That’s one seriously CONFIDENT, highly MOTIVATED, undoubtedly SUCCESSFUL and very HAPPY individual.   All from the power within.   When I set you the ‘Make it Happen’ March Challenge is was physical.   Which was awesome and I KNOW lots of you got some some wicked results not just physically but also mentally and THAT’S where I’m going with this month’s challenge.   What’s REALLY challenging is your mental attitude.   This is something WAAAAAY more important than any exercise or healthy food can compete with!!   Introducing….    THE ‘MENTAL MAY’ CHALLENGE   Each morning it’s your challenge to begin the day with a POSITIVE thought /affirmation.   The very FIRST thing I want you to aim to think about!   Once you’ve thought of it, say it out loud until you actually mean it – why??   Because, one small positive thought in the morning can change your entire day!!   I’m fat.  I’m ugly.  I hate how my hair looks today. I can’t cope with the kids today.

Todays just going to be bad a bad day. 



  If ANY of this type of negative CRAP is the 1st thing to enter your brain, it’s YOUR challenge to send that negativity choo choooing in the opposite direction and counter act it with something positive.   It may not be easy or seem ‘real’ to begin with but keep practicing.   You’ll be AMAZED just how automatic changing those NEGATIVE, confidence and happiness zapping thoughts can be.   THE AIM?   By the end of the month you’ll have given your mental muscles a wicked workout and naturally be able to think more positively or at least be able to stop that negativity train in it’s tracks!   You can have a practice today and think about what tomorrow’s affirmation will be. Then let’s keep on chugging until the 31st May.   Do it each day with belief and intention and by the 1st June, I have no doubt you’re mental attitude will not only be stronger but more positive.   Becoming stronger, fitter, healthier and happier is not just about aesthetics!    Tweet me @ LeeDonaldElite Facebook @ Lee Donald Personal Training   Let me know….ARE YOU IN??

Today’s affirmation:

‘Today I choose to take control of my thoughts’.

Lee ‘mental chicken oriental’ Donald x

  1. 8th May 2015

    Hi I’m in…

  2. 21st May 2015

    1st question – positive thought
    2nd and 3rd questions – negative thoughts!

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