‘Today I choose to prioritize and keep calm’


Knowing I have a mahoosive ‘to do’ list and only so many hours in the day, life can get pretty stressful…(sound familiar).

  Cue NEGATIVE thoughts, EXCESSIVE eating, NON productiveness and ultimately a SH*T day.   So.. This was my positive thought / affirmation this morning.   I re-wrote my to-do list in order of priority and BOOM cool as a cucumber, I’m writing to you – TICK.

Good day so far – WINNER!

  And THIS is what ‘The Mental May Challenge’ is all about…   If you missed Monday’s email check out the challenge here: https://www.ldpt.co.uk/?p=1258   Want a physical challenge?   Check THIS out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cy9bIVEByzQ     Head over to my Facebook Page for a breakdown how to do this and see what level you can hit : )   Whether you DO or DON’T take on these challenges is up to you.   I can only give you the TOOLS to hit your goals, YOU have to use them.   So here’s some simple do’s & don’ts to stock up that tool pile!!     DON’T:   1. Don’t get sucked into GIMMICKY fitness products/diets – there is NO substitute for clean eating and simple exercise.   2. Don’t try to be anybody else apart from a better version of YOURSELF.

3. Don’t be afraid of failure – the most successful people in the world have made mistakes but use them, LEARN from them and come back  STRONGER.

  DO:   1. Split your goals into ‘bitesize’ goals, they’ll be more manageable and give you a motivational BOOST each time you achieve them.   2. Make your goals REALISTIC and give yourself a time frame.   3. Surround yourself with POSITIVE, like-minded people – happiness is infectious.   4. Do something every day that takes you out your comfort zone – if it doesn’t CHALLENGE us it won’t CHANGE us.   5. Try things you haven’t tried before – there are boundaries but NO limits.   6. Write all the benefits of achieving your goals and make the list visible – when it get’s tough, look at the list….it’s ALWAYS worth it!   7. Tell yourself every single day that you CAN – can’t does not exist.   8. Make time for yourself, family and loved ones – being healthy and happy isn’t just about having a great body!   9. Be thankful for every day you get the chance to wake up and LIVE LIFE.   10. Go out there and SMASH it! Have a GREAT Thursday and I hope you put these tools into action.   Lee ‘loves a challenge’ Donald x   SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS Facebook – Lee Donald Personal Training

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