I hope you had a great weekend.


Today, I wanted to touch on hot topic that I get asked about ALL the time.


WHYYYY is losing weight so hard to do?


The answer:


Because so many people are doing it WRONG.


But don’t worry, I’m here to help and about to let you in on 10 reasons most people FAIL to reach their weightloss goals.


I prefer the term fatloss and using pictures, measurements, physical performance, clothes and how my clients feel to assess progress.


What the scales say are highly inaccurate but hopefully you know this already.


Anyway, here goes:


1. You’re OVER eating calorie dense foods.


Nuts, avocados, olive oil, coconut oil, etc are all healthy but need to be eaten in moderation.


Calories in Vs Calories out will always rule when it comes to weightloss.


Opting for a non stick pan, switching to a low cal spray or smaller amounts of oils, etc while cooking can make a huge difference over time.


Here’s a great visual from the Fitness Chef to give you an idea just how many calories you can save.



2. You OVER estimate the calories you burn.


Those little gadgets on your wrist or super expensive machines at the gym?


As useful as an umbrella with holes.


Many people also connect their watches to MyFitnessPal and tend to eat back the calories they burn which not only sacrifices their weightloss goals but also promotes a highly unhealthy relationship with food.


3. You UNDER estimate or have no idea how many calories you eat.


The crisps you ate in the car, wine you drank while making dinner and left over food consumed on your kids plate still count.


It’s also really easy to misjudge calories as you can see here:



This is why I always recommend using MyFitnessPal when starting on a weightloss journey, if you’re struggling to achieve your goal or simply fallen off the wagon.


Because what gets measured – gets managed.


Try using MFP for a couple weeks to remove any guess work and create a CALORIE DEFICIT and vóila – you’ll be shifting those pounds in no time.


4. You’re not ACTIVE apart from your workouts.


This is a BIG one for those who have desk jobs or work from home.


Working out is great, it burns calories, helps build muscle, gets you fitter, stronger, more toned, makes you feel good amongst LOADS of other benefits.


However there’s 24 hours a in a day.


And if you sit on your butt for most of those hours (despite working out) – you’re seriously sabotaging your weightloss results!!



Aiming for around 10,000 steps each day not only torches extra calories but it also improves your physical and mental health.


If you’re nowhere close to that right now, don’t worry – just gradually increase your steps till you’re on point.


5. You UNDER estimate calories in alcohol.


You can’t eat your daily calories, add alcohol on top then fill your boots with munchies and expect to lose weight.


That being said, there’s no reason to cut it out.


And following the tips mentioned in last week’s 7 Top Tips To Survive The Holidays will help you keep on track.


Accompany that with increasing your steps, decreasing your food calories on the day you drink and tracking everything via MFP.


Means you’ll be able to enjoy yourself, stay in control aaaand still lose weight.


#winner : )


6. You don’t eat enough PROTEIN.


Aim for around 1.5 – 2g of protein per kg of bodyweight.


From curbing cravings, feeling fuller for longer and building/preserving muscle.


This is a non negotiable to set you up for success when it comes to weightloss.


If you don’t eat it at LEAST at every meal, chances are you don’t consume enough.


Want to know how much you’re eating? – use MFP.


7. You think the weekend gives you a FREE pass.


This is an uncomfortable truth but let’s be honest.


Eating and exercising well Mon – Fri but blowing it all Friday night, Sat & Sun will never work.


If you’re serious about losing weight, looking better and feeling happier.


Try find the right balance that works for you.

Infographic: @CarterGood


Nobody’s saying you can’t enjoy chocolate and crisps – just don’t eat like a dick.


And nobody’s saying you can’t enjoy alcohol – just don’t drink the bar.


Balance and moderation is key.


8. You eat BACK the calories you’ve burned.


Losing weight requires a calorie DEFICIT.


Eating the SAME amount of calories as you burn creates maintenance.


Plus the calories you burned according to your Fitbit are unreliable – See point 2.


If you haven’t already – I’d strongly suggest to disconnect your watch to MFP immediately.


9. You don’t drink enough WATER.


The simplest way to ACCELERATE your weightloss, increase your energy and curb cravings yet so many people fail to drink enough.


Aim for at LEAST 2 litres a day.


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Whatever you decide, I really hope you found today’s blog useful and more importantly put into action anything that will help you move closer to where you want to be.


Lee ‘helping you take control back’ Donald x



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