Like it was yesterday.


Monday 23rd March 2020.


I can remember standing in the middle of the Scout Hut, music pumping, everyone around me working hard, getting a sweat on, having a great time and saying…


‘Make the most of this moment guys, it may be our last class for a while!’


Gutted, I wasn’t wrong.


I don’t think anyone could have guessed how things would turn out.


It’s been a seriously challenging time but after 7 long months, I’m excited to finally say:


BodyMax is coming back!!


Woop woop.


I found out last week, one of my class locations is finally opening and can confirm we’ll be kicking off on Monday 9th November.


Understandably things won’t be able to run exactly how they used to but here’s some things I can guarantee.


1. Your safety is a priority and strict Covid 19 regulations will be in place.


2. We’ll have a fun, full body workout (suitable for all levels) to help you transform your lockdown bod into a feel good, fit and strong festive bod.


3. After only 30mins, you’ll feel the most incredible sense of achievement.


4. You’ll have the best support possible to end the year on a positive note.


5. You’ll get to see and workout alongside real people!!


(who knew this would be such a luxury)


The only ‘bad news’ is that I won’t have nearly as many spaces available.


I’m starting with my usual Monday BodyMax Blast class in Aberdeen.


Craigiebuckler Scout Hut @ 5.45-6.15pm


For more class info click here


But don’t worry, if there’s a demand – I’ll run a couple classes back to back and possibly add an extra day.


The most important thing is….we’re moving forward and getting started.


Details of how to book and secure a place – COMING SOON!!


‘You run fitness classes Lee?’


Yup, I know.


It’s been a loooong time since I last spoke about classes so I guess some of you reading this may not even know classes is something I do.


Surprise : )


It then got me thinking.


Perhaps you don’t know about the other ways I help people, so thought I’d give you a heads up incase you may be interested.


Personal Training


(I never usually speak about this as I’m always at my full client capacity, however am thinking of opening up 2 training times on a Wed & Fri morning @ 10.15am).


If 1-2-1 help is something you’re interested in, just get in touch.


The MAX Experience


The MAX Experience Pre/Post Natal


Personalized 6 Week Nutrition Plans


(these have been super popular recently and producing some awesome results!).


Just click on the relevant service for more info.


And if none of that is for you, cool.


Don’t worry.


I’ll keep blogging every week giving you as much FREE support and motivation I can to help you look better, feel better and make it through this crazy time being the strongest you can be.


Lee ‘excited to get back in the BodyMax game’ Donald x



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