Question time..


Are you a Pilot, in the drivers seat, taking control of your life and reaping the benefits of your success?


Are you a passenger, watching others succeed and just along for the ride?


If you’re on social media, you may know it was my Birthday on Tuesday so needless to say I’m claiming a full Birthday week! : )


So that’s me 33 – how do I feel about it??

Pretty dam good actually!




Some people DREAD their Birthdays and the idea of getting older fills them with PANIC particularly once they join Club 30, 40, 50….


I, for one have never felt healthier, fitter or happier because I got off my backside and MADE it that way!


I’m now looking upon each year as MOTIVATION for the next and challenging myself to see what I can ACHIEVE.


It’s gonna happen and fingers crossed I get do it next year – MOUNT EVEREST Base Camp is even on my ‘to do’ list.


I also feel lucky to have such amazing people in my life.


It’s important YOU have a strong support network and to surround yourself with positive people.


It doesn’t matter how OLD or YOUNG you are (or think you are)…it’s NEVER too late or early to be successful and the best you can possibly be!


Everyone measures success differently but at the end of the day it’s only achievable if you MAKE it happen.


Moral of the Story?

Strap yourself in my friend and put that Pilot cap on!!


Incase you missed it…


Here’s the Make it Happen March Challenge:

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And have you voted yet? – Only 4 days left!


To win a Female Role Model of The Year Award is a pretty big deal.


Many people may not know my background but to think where I USED to be (on a personal never mind business level) to where I am NOW is almost unbelievable and something I’ve worked my butt off for.


I can only win this award with YOUR help though so taking 2mins to cast your vote would mean alot to me:


Here’s a short 1 min video of what it’s about:



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And hey,

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Lee ‘making sh*t happen’ Donald x

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