How’s your ‘Make it Happen’ March Challenge going?

Have you made any small, positive changes this month?

Are you reving up body’s fat-burning furnace (metabolism) with nutritious food & exercise?


If you not, then that’s why you’re in the SAME place with the SAME results as last month….

and will be next month, this Summer, this Christmas, bla bla blaa.


So let’s keep things simple and get YOU on your way to getting results and where YOU want to be.


Before I reveal the 3 things YOU could be doing (along with 98% of the rest of the population) DAILY that are killing your metabolism and tripling the rate your body is being forced to store fat.


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Anyhooo, back to you and prepare to be SHOCKED!


Below are 3 ‘Metabolic Killers’ that may be sabotaging YOUR metabolism, fat loss, body & goals!


Metabolism Killer No.1

Caffeine + sugar.


Fizzy drinks, sweetened caffeinated tea and flavoured, sweetened coffee –  all of these drinks have the deadly combo of caffeine and sugar.

Here’s the problem… (aaaand why you should care).


Caffeine can cause a short-term insulin insensitivity right when you need insulin to work the most….when there’s extra sugar in your system. 

If your cells are insensitive to insulin, your body will need to pump out more and MORE, which equals greater fat storage.


Studies also show that most people compensate by eating MORE after they’ve consumed these kinds of ‘liquid carbs’ compared to solid carbs (real, whole food).


When you eat REAL food your body gets full faster because your system recognizes all the beneficial nutrients. 

When you drink these ‘liquid carbs’, your body signals to continue eating because it’s starved of nutrients (despite all the empty calories you just consumed).


The FAT STACKING Double Whammy!


Metabolism Killer No.2

Artificial sweeteners.


If caffeine and sugar are a deadly combo, then clearly using an artificial sweetener must be the solution….right?




Artificial sweeteners (Sweet n’ Low, Splenda, etc.) are tough on your thyroid, the organ that regulates your metabolism.


More and more research is showing that this is why so many people are being diagnosed with HYPOTHYROIDISM (low metabolism).


Artificial sweeteners are actually TOXIC to your body which results in inflammation, which then leads to the release of cortisol.


Cortisol is a hormone that signals the body to retain fat.


…..are you keeping up?


So these lovely sugar substitutes are not only sabotaging your thyroid, they’re also forcing your body to release excess cortisol – making it even MORE difficult to lose fat!


Cup of tea anyone???

Studies have also shown that the more you consume something sweet, the more you crave it.


So although you may be feeding your sweet tooth now it’s only going to make the desire for something sweet stronger, later. 


Aaaaand the cycle continues…


Metabolism Killer No.3

Long periods of inactivity.


This may seem obvious but it’s not what you think.


Throughout the day, your hormones are carrying out their daily roles of either increasing or decreasing energy production, stimulating or decreasing appetite and promoting either fat breakdown or fat storage – depending how active you are.


If you’re like most people, you sit at a desk for 3, 4, even 5 hours at a time.


This is a very BIG problem if you want to lose fat.


Here’s something that is both exciting and scary but if you learn to listen to your hormones you will know whether your body is storing fat or using it for energy.


By ignoring your hormones’ cry for physical activity throughout the day you’re basically telling your body one thing: store fat.


So how can you keep your hormones functioning AND get your work done?


Simple – take regular, quick breaks every 45 – 60 minutes and move!

You may need to take breaks more often but your body will let you know.


Here are some of the ways your body lets you know it’s time for a break…


 – You feel compelled to stretch or move.

 – You’re yawning or sighing.

 – You’re slumping at your desk.

 – You’re unable to concentrate.

 – You feel tense or anxious.

 – You make simple errors.

 – You can’t focus or pay attention.


When you notice the signs above or at least every 45 to 60 mins – get up and move for just 2 to 3 minutes.

Here are some quick, simple activities you can do to stimulate your hormones role in fat-burning:


 – Walk or jog up and down stairs.

 – Do some jumping jacks.

 – Alternate a few sets of push-ups and squats.

 – Walk or jog the parking lot.


Obviously this is dependent on various factors of the workplace but you get my drift…


Just MOVE!!


When you stay active throughout the day like this it will help your body continually metabolize fat.


Wherever you are and whatever you do…

I hope you have a GREAT day!!


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