How’s your workouts going this week?

Is your nutrition and eating on point?


When the answer to the above questions is ‘smashing it and yes’ don’t we just feel like the dogs boll*cks?!


If YOU’RE answer is ‘non existent and no’ I bet you’re feeling pretty crap, have lack of energy and are de-motived so it’s time to DO something about it.


WORKOUTS – Make it Happen March Challenge.

No gym/equipment required, takes little time so no there’s literally no excuse.


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Struggle with Burpees?

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NUTRITION – Choose your food wisely!

Let’s start by how you begin your day…


Like me, you probably grew up on breakfast cereal.

I think we all did.


But I wouldn’t DREAM of eating breakfast cereal today and couldn’t think of a WORSE way to start my day!


The problem’s not the whole grains themselves, but how they’re processed in the factory.


After being exposed to very high temperatures and very high pressure, the grains that go into almost all of the major brands you see on the supermarket store shelves are not only UNHEALTHY….they’re POISONOUS.


Even the whole grains in the ‘healthier’ cereals you get from the health food store go through this same process.


Here’s how it works.


The machine that makes ALL cold breakfast cereals is called an extruder, which takes a slurry of grain and water and forces it through tiny openings that create the little flakes or whatever trendy shapes the manufacturers dream up.


After being shaped, the cereal is sprayed with a coat of oil and sugar to give the cereal its signature ‘crunch’ before going soggy in your morning breakfast bowl.


That may sound innocent enough, HOWEVER…


The extrusion process DESTROYS the nutrients in the grains, especially the proteins.


It even WIPES OUT the synthetic vitamins the manufacturers add to make the cereal appear more nutritious.


And when the protein is destroyed, what you have left is a TOXIN.


So question…

Is eating cardboard healthier than cereal?


A study from even back in 1960 at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor proved the answer to this question is YES.


Mice were divided into 3 groups:

Group 1 received cornflakes and water.

Group 2 were fed the cardboard box that the cornflakes came in, and water.

Group 3 received rat chow and water.


The mice that ate only the cardboard box OUTLIVED the mice eating the cornflakes!


Even scarier, the mice that ate the cornflakes showed signs of VIOLENT BEHAVIOUR.


They threw FITS, were ANXIOUS and AGITATED and eventually went into CONVULSIONS!!


After the study, an autopsy revealed these mice had DAMAGE to their pancreas, liver and kidneys.


They suffered DENGENERATION of the nerves along their spine, all signs of insulin SHOCK.


The startling conclusion revealed there was MORE nourishment in the box than in the cornflakes!


Yes this study was conducted on mice but we can clearly see that the poisonous, mutated grains caused some serious damage.


If you’re wondering WHY you’ve never heard of this before or why the effects of processed cereals are not being studied in more depth, consider this:


The grains inside a typical box of cereal cost about a penny.

Yet the cereal sells for £3, £4 maybe even £5 a box at your local supermarket.


That means breakfast cereal may have the HIGHEST mark up and therefore the highest PROFIT margin of anything on the market today.


Hmmm it’s clear why these manufacturers have NO INTEREST in letting you know what their ‘healthy, all natural’ cereals are really doing to you and your family.


So instead of reaching for that box of cereal every morning, put your focus on protein.


Eating protein first thing in the morning will help you feel FULLER for longer, REDUCE your cravings and FUEL your metabolism.


Healthy protein sources:

Eggs, unsweetened Greek yogurt, fish, lean meats (a portion of lean meat is the size and thickness of the palm of your hand) and vegetables… and yes, vegetables contain protein!


Ooo and PANCAKES!!


Check out my HEALTHIEST pancakes EVER:

And don’t be shy about eating fish or lean meats for breakfast.

The Japanese start every morning with fish and miso soup!


It may seem strange at first but when you’re sailing through your morning with energy, clarity and focus you’ll understand why I recommend trying this.


Who said you can’t eat fish or meat for breakfast??!


If you try it and don’t like it, then fair enough but nothing ventured – nothing gained.


Lee ‘the egg lover’ Donald x


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