I’m baaaaaaaaack!!


If you’ve missed me then fear not cause I’m back and ready for ACTION.

After an amazing week playing in the snow, filled with adventures my size 8’s are here for you.


I cannot WAIT to help you push your comfort zones and be the best you can possibly be!

On that note…



 Do you want to transform your body, health, fitness & happiness?

 Then jump on this challenge (if you haven’t already) and MAKE it happen.


 If you missed it, check it out:

Soooo many people like the ‘THOUGHT’ of making changes and transforming their lives BUT….


Are they prepared to put in the work to get there?!

Are YOU?


I’m here to help and support you to positively CHANGE your life, to FEEL better, LOOK better and get the RESULTS you want.

I’m 100% committed to your success…


Are YOU? 


March is a new month to grab life by the balls and MAKE it the best you can.

SOAK it up, BASK in it, LIVE it, OWN it!


Today is a goood day for change.


Want to see some pics of my snow adventures?

Follow me on instagram – LeeDonald


Want to know what 10,000ft snow burpees look like?

 Check out my cheeky wee video:

And last but not least….I need YOUR help!


I’m excited to say I’ve made it as a finalist to be crowned Female Role Model of The Year at The Prestige Awards International BUT…it’s entirely up to YOU if I win.


Here’s a 1min video I posted yesterday explaining about it:

If YOU think I deserve a chance to win this title please VOTE by clicking on the voting link below (it takes 2 mins!).



I missed a week being on holiday so there’s only ONE week of voting left!

I’ll be attending the Awards Ceremony on Sat March 28th so will let you know the outcome – fingers crossed!!


Happy Motivational Monday : )


Lee ‘its good to be back’ Donald x

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