So that’s the last week of ‘Feel-Good’ Feb almost gone…


How you feeling?



YES – Fantastic.

NO – Let’s turn that around.


If you’re body and fitness are NOT where you want them to be then it’s time to ‘make it happen’ in March!

I want you to make March your month to really feel HAPPIER in yourself.


So when I ask at the end of March if you ‘made it happen’…

You’re going to answer ???


And here’s how…



Mon 2nd-Mon 30th March.

5x per Week (20x total).

Record your times.

Email me your 1st/last time by Mon 30th for a chance to be announced our official Winner!!



50 Squat Jumps

40sec Mountain Climbers

30 Jumping Jacks

20 Burpees

10 Press Ups


Here’s your demo and instructions:


I’m officially ‘out the office’ next and will mostly be found playing in the hills of Switzerland.



What are you planning to do when I’m away? 

When are you planning to workout?

What are you planning to eat?




It’ll be your 1st week of the month so make sure you PLAN to make it a success!

There is absolutely NO reason why you can’t have the body, fitness and happiness YOU want and deserve so don’t hold back.


Bounce out your bed and just get sh*t done!

If your ‘to do’ list or goals seem overwhelming – break them down.


You’re alive, you’re breathing and life is at your fingertips so instead of looking in that mirror and jumping on that negativity train of self destruct, tell yourself:

‘I’m grateful to be alive and today’s going to be a GREAT day!’


Positive, healthy thoughts that you put into your HEAD are just as important as the healthy food you put into your MOUTH.

Some food for thought….(‘scuse the pun!)


Did you see my Tip of The Day about food?

If you want to know THEE best food to eat then check it out:

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And give me a shout if you’re joining in the LDPT ‘Make it Happen’ March Challenge : )


Lee ‘feeling good and ready to play’ Donald x


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