Woohoo we’re almost there!!


I know I’ve been blogging more than usual this week.


Buuuut I’ve just wanted to show you a little more of what The MAX Experience is about and how it can help you.


It’s all about empowering women to not only achieve their goals but also enjoy the process and get life changing results for life.


However, don’t just take my word for it.


Meet MAX Experience Member Nicole:



Nicole’s been putting lots of little changes in place recently which have soon added up and wow.


Meet MAX Experience Member Kirstie:



Kirstie only recently joined The MAX Experience but is already making AMAZING progress!!


All she needed was the right kind of support, motivation and guidance on where to start.


Meet MAX Experience Members Alana & Lynne:



These women are both making incredible progress.


And I know LOTS of women can totally relate.


✅ If you’d like to achieve your goal weight like Alana.

✅ If you’d like to feel great in your jeans and put them on without a fight like Lynne.

✅ To go back to work and feel comfortable in your clothes like Nicole.

✅ To kickstart your motivation & feel more positive like Kirstie.


Then The MAX Experience is definitely for you : )


Just stay tuned to my social media tomorrow @ 8am when I’ll be posting the sign up link.


The first 5 sign ups will also win a Loyalty Card to my award winning & famous fitness classes in Aberdeen.



Lee ‘loves helping others succeed’ Donald x



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