There’s been a count down all week till the new & improved MAX Experience doors open.




Who The MAX Experience is For:


Frequently Asked Questions:


20min Fab Abs Workout:


3 Tasty, High Protein Recipes:


If you missed any of them, just tap on the relevant link.


Hopefully, it’s given you a better idea of what The MAX Experience is about and how it can help you.


And today,


I just wanted to share a little reminder.


🎁 The first 5 signs up will win an exclusive Loyalty Card for my famous and award winning fitness classes in Aberdeen (worth £35).


Meaning you can try any 5 classes for FREE and one of these is all yours….if you’re quick!


Classes take place on a Mon, Wed & Fri early evening.


Obviously this will be once they’re are allowed to run again but a fantastic bonus to guarantee you extra motivation & support.


I can tell you how life changing The MAX Experience, however tomorrow I thought you may want to her from those who know best.



Lee ‘preparing to open the doors’ Donald x



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