Wooohoooo it’s Thursday which means the weekend is coming soon!

How has your week been?

Have you moved forward with any of your goals?

Have you challenged yourself this week?

If you want to get that sexy stomach, improve your fitness, feel healthier, more confident and become happier you MUST CHALLENGE yourself.

When we overcome challenges, you get that AWESOME sense of achievement, it boosts your confidence AND it takes you closer to your goals.

Nothing great was ever achieved by sitting on one’s backside!

1. Not hitting the bakery at lunch time.

2. Saying no to those office treats.

3. Having a workout after work/while the kids sleep.

4. Taking 10,000 steps each day.

5. Signing up for an event.

These are ALL challenges and ALL as equally important


Because however big or small that challenge may be….it’s going to take you FORWARD!

And if it doesn’t workout out, pick yourself up, dust those shoulders and keep chipping away because you WILL get there!

My challenge TODAY is simply to get through my mahooosive ‘to do’ list (we’ve all got those, eh?!).

As well as write this email before noon (you’ll be the judge of that, lol).

On Saturday my challenge will come in the form of The Banchory Beast Race (10km Mudstacle Race).

Next w/e I’ll be in Ireland taking part in what’s classed as one of the Toughest events on the planet – Tough Mudder (20km SAS Assault Course).

The picture at the top is of me and my Team – The Mudaholics  at the Edinburgh Tough Mudder in June.

Click here to see a short video:

Ok I’m a little crazy I know, but my point is…

On a daily basis I’m making small mini goals/challenges.

These are so SO important guys!!

It’s all the small things you do that make the bigger picture.

To add variety and make things exciting throw in some bigger challenges (eg events, hobbies, competitions).

Love life

Take risks

Seek adventure

Pull up those big girl panties and just do it!

What’s YOUR goals for today?

Have YOU made any? (it’s not too late if you haven’t)

Have YOU got any bigger challenges on the horizon?

I’d LOVE to hear from you!

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Lee ‘the challenger’ Donald x


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