I hope you had a great w/e.

Mine was filled with 10km of mud, freezing water and heather hopping and it….was….AWESOME!

Love a challenge – Love exercise.

Have YOU been challenging yourself?

Have YOU been exercising?

If you reached Day 5 of my wicked Ab-Flab Buster Workout, then mix up your workouts by creating different combos.

If you didn’t make it to the end – keep going.

TODAY is a great day for busting that ab-flab!

What have you been eating?

Are you bored with your current diet?

Want to boost your fat loss and improve your health with a simple change?

Check out today’s attachment…


Abs are made in the kitchen and these spices/herbs are DELICIOUS, CHEAP, EASY TO USE and can be added to almost ANY MEAL.

Boring fatloss food is soooo last year!

Get creative, tantalise your palette and ENJOY your food while dropping those pounds and becoming healthier.

My Personal Fave’s

Adding black pepper to EVERYTHING.

Rockin’ any stir-fry with ginger.

Cinnamon + Greek yoghurt + honey + blueberries = Amazeball snack.

Turmeric and chicken are another great combo.

Garlic + pretty much ANYTHING! lol

And hey, did you miss ‘LEE’S TIP OF THE DAY’ last week?

Here’s it is if you did:


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Come say hello and let me know if you enjoyed today’s attachment/what your fave spice is? : )


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