Happy October!!
WOW where did that time go?!
It’s a new day, new month and fresh opportunity to grab your goals with both hands!!
I know many people are doing the ‘stoptober challenge’ (stop drinking alcohol for October).
But in my humble personal opinion…
I feel unless you have a drinking problem or NEED to give up alcohol it’s not a ‘fair’ challenge and chances are you’ll just make up for it in November.
I’ve already seen people have ‘alcohol free’ beers….yup on day 1!
So why not stop something that will REALLY make a difference??…
(and still donate to charity if you succeed!).
Stop EATING something you shouldn’t.
Stop DOING something you shouldn’t.
Just a thought but ANY of these 3 choices will lead to creating ‘good habits’ and something you can sustain for the rest of your life!
Did YOU move forward in September?
Did YOU get closer you YOUR goals?
Where do YOU want to be at the end of THIS month?
October is YOUR chance to be that dazzling, sexy, strong, confident, happy goddess/god that you are!!
And I’d LOVE to hear what your goals are…
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Today’s Affirmation:
Have a rockin’ rest of the week guys!!
I’m in Ireland for Tough Mudder this weekend but shall report back and check in with you on Monday to see how you’re getting on with your ‘grabbing’.
Lee ‘the grabber’ Donald x
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