I hope you’re having a good week.


Hands up.


I broke the norm and blogged more than usual this last week but I also know life get’s busy, people forget and I just didn’t want to you to miss out.


This time last year.


Pre-registration to The MAX Experience opened for the 4th time.


For the 4th year running, I had to close the doors early because places SOLD OUT and it’s looking like it will happen again!!


Pre-registration closes tomorrow @ 7.30pm (until next December).



If you’re not already a member.


If you’re not one of the fabulous women who’ve jumped onboard, saved 50% off and excited to start in January.


But if you are a women who’s fed up of yo-yo dieting.


Fed up of saying the same thing ever year about looking/feeling better.


Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.


And would just like someone to be there for you, to guide you step by step, keep things simple and make the process of achieving your goals enjoyable.


Tap here QUICK!


Because that’s exactly what I’ll be helping every woman who signs up do which is WHY spaces are limited.


I know The MAX Experience can change your life.


But don’t just take my word for it.


Here’s what some MAX Members have to say.



“Love being part of The MAX Experience, such a supportive group. Lee is always there to get you back on track if needed “.


“Down 10.2lbs, 2 inches from my waist, 3 from my hips, legs and arms. Clothes are feeling much better too”.


“The MAX Experience is a fantastic way of hitting your weightloss and fitness goals, all without having to leave your own front door”.


“I’m able to look in the mirror and feel happy”.


“Chest 3inches down, waist 6inches down, hips 2inches down, tummy 2inches down, weight 9.5lbs down”.


“I’ve learned how to make small changes that make a BIG difference. The group is very supportive and motivating. Lee has a lovely, positive approach and helpful with suggestions. Not having to cut any foods out to stay on track is great!”.


“I actually look forward to working out now”.


If you’d like a stress free plan in place for January.


Knowing you’ll have ALL the support and motivation you need to fight that festive flab, feel amazing and start the new year strong.


For the cost of a TENNER!!


Secure your place here


Lee ‘preparing to close the doors’ Donald x



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