Holy Macaroni – Half way through the year!


We’re now officially less than 3 weeks away from Summer.


How exciting is that?


From BBQ’s, outdoor fitness classes, hitting beer gardens, having fun at the park, laying out in the back garden, topping up the tan.


The finer weather can bring an INCREDIBLE amount of happiness to people.


Buuuut it can also trigger some pretty uncomfortable, unhappy and NEGATIVE emotions too.


Skirts, shorts, dresses, bikinis, beachwear, crop tops, strappy tops, tighter clothes, less clothes.


Summer time means we tend to expose our bodies more and THAT can send ‘the fear’ into any woman not comfortable with how they look/feel.


Something I’m 100% dedicated in helping those women turn around.


The main culprit?


The pooch aka jelly belly.


An area I’m asked ALL the time how to reduce.




I’m about to let you in on the juicy secret.


According to research, it takes more than 22,000 crunches to burn a pound of fat.


Ehhh who has time for that?!


You’ll NEVER get a flat stomach crunching away on the ground.


In fact you’ve more chance of winning the lottery without buying a ticket.


Crunches can literally be a pain in the neck – and lower back.


What should I do instead Lee?


Short, high intensity workouts that work your ENTIRE body while also working your abs.


This will help you build a stronger core, better abs and also create a MUCH better calorie/fat burn than your typical ab crunch-a-thon.


A perfect example?


Here’s one I made earlier ; )



These type of workouts allow you to get fitter faster and spend LESS time getting BETTER results.


This is actually a cheeky taster from my award winning online health, fitness & nutrition hub The MAX Experience which helps busy women worldwide get incredible results from the comfort of their home.


From over 100 of these jelly belly blasting workouts, tasty recipes, our private FB group, weekly check-ins, unlimited support/coaching from me personally and LOADS more…


Losing weight, getting in shape and taking control back has never been easier!


Aaand it gets even BETTER.


Grab my Jelly Belly June ‘too good not to grab’ special offer and you’ll get a whopping 50% off  your 1st month’s access.


Yup for £9.99 get instant access and test drive it ALL.


No contract, no fuss – can cancel any time with the click of button.


Sign me up Lee!


The catch?


You only have till Sunday 16th June to grab my offer.


3 weeks till Summer?


Imagine the progress you could make.


How you would look and feel if you started TODAY.


Women are already jumping onboard and learning how to workout smarter, eat better and boost their confidence by making small, manageable changes that = HUGE results.


If you don’t want to miss out, make sure you hit that sign up link and come join us.


I’ll show you how to transform your body/life (just like I have) for less than a tenner!!


Lee ‘jelly belly buster’ Donald x



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