Aaand welcome to the 1st full week of Jelly Belly June.


Jelly Belly June is all about banishing that stubborn ab-flab (aka The Pooch).


I could be wrong, but I suspect that’s something 99% of you reading this would like to do.


Believe or not,


It’s not complicated and doesn’t have to take a massive amount of time or effort when you know what to focus on.


OK, so what do I need to do Lee?


Follow the 7 simple steps below and I guarantee


You’ll soon see your belly jiggle go and stomach get flatter.


1. Drink at least 2 litres of water a day


Try add a little lemon, fruit or cheeky bit of ‘no added sugar’ Vimto (my fave) to your water.


Makes it much easier to drink.


2. Aim to hit around 10,000 steps a day


If you’re nowhere near that, just try to do a little more each day.


3. Eat more protein


Aim to have at least every meal.


More protein = less cravings


4. Cut down on sugary crap & alcohol


All those excess calories will make it impossible to maintain a calorie deficit.


The ONE and only rule to fatloss and shifting your ab-flab.


You don’t have to eliminate them, just don’t eat and drink like a twat.


Think 80% eating healthy, nutritious foods and 20% flexibility and fun.


5. Keep your portions under control


This applies at the w/e too!


If you regularly suffer from portion distortion, try using smaller plates or sticking to 3 meals a day with only one or no snacks.


Steps 1 & 3 will help here as you’ll feel much LESS hungry.


6. Get a sweat on at least 3 times a week.


This doesn’t need to take long and can be done in as little as 10mins.


I’ll show you exactly how in step No.7 below.


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Lee ‘ab flab fighter’ Donald x



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