‘You can’t out train a bad diet’…

Whether you have or haven’t heard that before, I can confirm it’s 100% true!


How was YOUR nutrition over the w/e?

Did you eat according to your goals?




Did you fall off the wagon?


Lack of MOTIVATION and WILLPOWER can both be blamed for not hitting your goals but I’ve learned from the people and clients I speak to, it’s actually lack of knowledge that’s holding them back.

So here’s 3 so-called ‘healthy’ foods many people consume on a daily basis that they THINK are healthy but in reality are sabotaging their goals.


No.1 – Fruit Juices


Most of the world is FOOLED into thinking that downing fruit juice is a great way to be healthy and lose flab.

Unfortunately….this one isn’t true.

ALL fruit juices almost INSTANTLY spike your blood sugar levels and cause CRAVINGS for more sugar.

Processed juices are also stuffed with High Fructose Corn Syrup and Crystalline Fructose which cause even STRONGER CRAVINGS than ‘normal’ sugar.

Diet soft drinks and diet waters with artificial sweeteners are CRAVING causing culprits too.


DILUTE your freshly squeezed juice or EAT the fruit instead.


No.2 – Healthy Cereals


Have a look at most cereal boxes and you’ll see two things:

1. Some advertising claiming how healthy it is.

2. A TON of sugar in every serving!

Most people will eat TWO or THREE servings in a bowl then wonder why they’re hungry an hour later.

I couldn’t think of a worse way to start my day it but if you REALLY want to eat cereal, check the labels and stick to the cereals that have a lot of natural fibre and LOWER sugar.


Kick off the day and CRUSH those cravings with some eggs (boiled, poached, scrambled, omelette…they’re ma fave and keep cravings at bay).


No.3 – Most Yogurts

Yoghurts tend to be packed full of CRAVING causing sugar.

I’m talking about 20 grams or more in a little pot, not to mention all the CHEMICALS.

This is definitely a ‘diet’ food that will cause your belly to BULGE.


Look for Greek / Natural yogurts.

They tend to have HALF the sugar, NO chemicals and DOUBLE the protein.

My fave is FAGE (pronounced faa-yae) and SKYR (not sure how this is pronounced but I’m going with Skier, lol).

Don’t worry if you’ve fallen off the wagon or been victim to these CRAVING causing culprits…

We’re at the the start of a whole NEW week which means NEW opportunities to get that body YOU want and get in the best shape of YOUR life.


And hey, have you tried something NEW yet?!


If you don’t know what I’m talking about – check it out:




If you’re on Facebook you may have seen I like to practice what I preach and signed up to audition for the TV show NinjaWarrior UK.

I may or may not make it through to the auditions but theeee most important thing is that I saw an opportunity….and GRABBED it!

Don’t let any pass YOU by.


Have a body SHAPING, life CHANGING week!!


Lee ‘ninja warrior’ Donald x



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