Electric Shock Therapy, Artic Enema, Everest, Birth Canal…

It’s gonna be one heck of a w/e!!

Tomorrow a bus leaves to take me and my team to Drumlanrig in preparation for TOUGH MUDDER and an 8am kick off on Saturday.

All the training, preparation, excitement comes down to this…


Am I best in the shape I can be? – Yes

Best shape I could be? – No

Trained how I would have liked? – No

Trained my best? –  Yes


So what’s my point and how can it help YOU?


I’m currently in the process of launching some super exciting business projects which I CAN’T WAIT to share with you however it’s taking up most of my time.




Sometimes life get’s BUSY and you have to just do the BEST you can do with what you’ve got.




Realize that if things don’t according to plan ALL the time – it’s OK!

(as long as you don’t give up)

Lots of people think PT’s are invincible, eat well 100% of the time, are born with 6 packs and never have ‘off’ days and but you know what….we’re human too.

When life throws you lemons grab that tequila amigo and don’t let curve balls stop you!!


Struggling to squeeze in your workouts?

Here’s a super simple 10 min HIIT workout that will seriously MELT bodyfat and FIRE up your fitness.



Alternate Jumping Jacks & Mountain Climbers


Work Time: 

20secs On / 10secs Off




Download a HIIT timer on your mobile and GO!


Struggling with your nutrition?


Check out my Tip of The Day:


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Today’s Affirmation:


I will do nothing less than my best’.

Lee ‘preparing to be electrocuted’ Donald x



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