It is GOOOOOOD to be alive!!


‘I can’t do it!’

‘I can’

‘But I‘m scared’

‘I can, I can, I CAN!’


Facing your FEARS head on, CHALLENGING your body to say ‘yes’ when your head is saying ‘no’ and feeling that ADRENALINE surge through your veins….

Welcome to the world of Tough Mudder!

Thanks to our support team who cheered us on and got some AWESOME videos and pictures we pushed through all the obstacles and quite frankly I surprised myself.


Fear of heights – CHECK

King of The Swingers


Fear of being electrocuted – CHECK

Electric Shock Therapy



Fear of not rising to the high bar I set myself – CHECK

Dead Ringer



If it wasn’t for my team mates and supporters cheering us on from the sidelines, it wouldn’t have been so successful or even the same experience.



1. Who is YOUR support team?
2. Who helps YOU reach your goals?
3. Who motivates YOU?


Whether it’s one person or an entire team it’s sooo important to have a support network.

The chances of you reaching your goals will be MUCH higher and your experience of getting there, so much more ENJOYABLE.


1. Grab a WORKOUT BUDDY and keep each other motivated.

2. Tell your partner / friend your goals and when you’re going to hit them to keep you ACCOUNTABLE.

3. Meet friends for EXERCISE instead of coffee.

4. Make monthly office fitness CHALLENGES at work (individually or teams).

5. Join a health & Fitness Facebook SUPPORT group, there’s so many out there.

6. Join a fitness class – from interactive teams games, a private Facebook support group, motivational emails to social events I’m proud to say The BodyMax Network offers the BEST support you can possibly get from a fitness class.


There’s LOTS of different ways you can build a support network.

Having someone help you doesn’t mean you’ve failed, it just means you don’t have to do it alone.

Lee ‘part of your support team’ Donald x



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