What’s the MOST amount of weight you’ve ever put on in a 2 week period?


For me and my last 2 weeks on holiday it was 4 kgs!!….So I thought.

If you’ve been part of The LDPT Network for a while now you’ll know I’m all about the 80/20 rule.

Eat well and exercise the MAJORITY of the time, but allow yourself some FLEXIBILITY because let’s face it we all love a bit of naughtiness now and again.

I brought this rule on holiday to Canada (Prince Edward Island – PEI) with me a couple of weeks ago and actually thought I was doing pretty well.

Worked out almost EVERYDAY, played golf, jet-skied, went deep sea fishing, trampolining, ran a 5km, hula hooped, drank LIMITED alcohol (apart from Canada Day, don’t judge we all have a blow outs) and ate the most AMAZING seafood fresh off the boats….

Given my wife is from PEI and we were visiting the fam, not many evenings went by that there wasn’t a BIG family feast.

Lobster, scallops, mussels, oysters (not really a fan) and LOTS of healthy salads.


So how did I put on these potential 4kgs?? (over half a stone)



At one sitting 4 of us got through 8 lobsters, 6.5lbs of mussels  (usually 1lb person is ample) and a LARGE bag of scallops with a cheeky roll on the side washed down with a couple of Grey Goose, soda and limes.

At another sitting I personally ate 3 lobsters in a row.

And you know what…..pffft – I’m not even sorry!!

I don’t normally eat like this or indeed even when I’m on holiday but


WHEN am I going to experience this kind of amazing, lean, high quality, fresh and delicious protein again?


Not this year that’s for sure.

Feeling a little ‘BIGGER’ than when I arrived, I weighed myself around day 11 out of 14..

I don’t weigh myself often but know I usually sit around 72kgs give or take – I now weighed 75.6kgs!!

Not believing my eyes, I weighed myself AGAIN on day 14 on a DIFFERENT set of scales…

AGAIN these shouted over 75kgs at me!




Sure I felt a little more bloated but seriously, potentially 4kgs is ALOT in just 2 weeks.


But you know what?

STILL not sorry! lol….I enjoyed EVERY minute of that seafood and family gatherings.

Upon returning home I thought I better step on my own scales.

73.4kgs!! – Thank the lord.

Potentially 2kg (4.4lbs) MAX weight gain which is MINIMAL considering…

The amount of food I consumed, my 20% flexibility (COW’S Ice-cream is AMAZEBALLS btw and had it twice! – see pic above) and the more than usual alcohol I drank.




1. Scales are for fish and highly INACCURATE.

2. Holiday workouts rock but should be done immediately upon rising to avoid onset of CBA (can’t be ar*ed).

3. Portion distortion = weight GAIN (even with healthy food)

4. If I’d had portion distortion with anything other than seafood my weight gain would have been ACCELERATED.

5. I can crack a lobsters tail without screeching like a girl.

6. Alcohol VISIBLY leaves me bloated the next day and ab definition decreases significantly – not good for beach days!!

7. Workout’s are 10x HARDER if you’ve been drinking the night before (even just 2 drinks!).

8. PT’s are RUBBISH at drinking alcohol (perhaps, that’s just me).

9. The 80/20 clearly WORKS (based on normal portion size).

10. 3 flights and over 20hrs later I can confirm it’s perfectly POSSIBLE to eat ‘healthy’ while travelling (preparation is key!).


When people go on holiday they usually give themselves the GREEN LIGHT to eat whatever they want, drink as much as they want, stay up as late as they want and give themselves a ‘BREAK’ from exercise as they ‘DESERVE’ to enjoy their holiday.

Cue weight gain, looking like CRAP and feeling even WORSE!!

Sticking to the 80/20 rule not only prevents you undoing all the hardwork you put in BEFORE you went on holiday, it also makes you FEEL good…


Who EVER regretted a workout or eating tasty, nutritious food?


Once you create a BALANCE, you’ll soon lose that post-holiday ‘OMG I feel so fat’ syndrome.




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Here’s a couple of holiday vids of you’re interested : )

Hula Hoop Vino Challenge


Trampoline Front Flip (1st in over 20yrs and not overly successful, lol)


Lobster Cookin’ (Island Style)


Lee ‘not sorry’ Donald x



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