If someone asked you to strut your stuff in your beachwear RIGHT NOW


– How would you feel?


Yuuup that’s us…


Officially past Easter and almost 5 months into the year.


Warmer weather settling in and Summer months on the way.


Now is usually the time people start to THINK about their Summer holidays and their beachbody’s but don’t do much about.


June arrives, you start exercising a little more, perhaps trying to eat a little better but you’re not very serious about it.


There’s plenty of time right? – WRONG


Before you know it July’s landed.


Your holiday’s 2 weeks away, reality hits, you’re nowhere NEAR looking/feeling how you wanted aaaaand you don’t feel comfortable in any of your clothes.


– Cue crazy dieting and panic.


Be honest.


Who’s been there?


Me too, feels pretty sh*tty doesn’t it?


So imagine a life where you NEVER have to stress or panic about revealing your beachbody again.


Good News


That life can be yours if you start making small changes and doing something about it TODAY!


Because the sooner you start making changes.


The SOONER you’ll have that life.


Start small and keep it simple.


Here’s 5 quick steps that aren’t overly challenging but will give you some serious side effects – aka results.


1. Aim for 3 meals a day with a couple of snacks.




Use the calculation below to work out your calorie deficit and track your calories via My Fitness Pal for faster, better results.


For women:


655 + (4.35 x weight in lbs) + (4.7 x height in inches) – (4.7 x age) x 1.55


Yes, doing this calculation may be the most difficult part, lol.


And no, I didn’t just make it up : )


2. Get some water down you (aim for at least 2 litres)


3. Get protein in at each of your 3 meals


4. Get in on this awesome 10min ab-flab busting home workout


Guaranteed to make you sweat, burn fat, firm those wobbly bits and feel fabulous!!



5. Get signed up to The MAX Experience


My award winning online health, fitness & nutrition hub helping women all over the world lose weight, get in shape and transform their lives…


Without having to join a gym!


Ooo, sounds great but what do I get?


✅ Quick 10min home workouts (over 100)
✅ Nutritional guidance & advice
✅ Recipes & meal plan ideas
✅ New content added monthly
✅ Private Facebook group
✅ Accountability (check-ins/reviews)
✅ Unlimited support (from me personally)
✅ A friendly community of like-minded women
✅ Plus much more

✅ No gym required


EVERYTHING you need right at your fingertips to bring sexy back this Summer!


Sign me up Lee:


Wait – What’s the cost?


£19.99 a month.


No contract, no fuss, you can cancel anytime.


Yup for 65p a day you can literally change your life.


Don’t believe me?


There’s zero risk.


Give it a go and see for yourself : )


Lee ‘helping women get life changing results’ Donald x



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