Hands up if you fell off the wagon at the w/e?


Yuup me too (hey, I’m human).


It wasn’t a ‘heavy duty’ fall as there was still LOTS of activity thrown in there but chomping down on…


Lindt bunnies, other chocolate, cinnamon rolls, a few servings of birthday cake, squashies and the rest….is NOT my usual w/e eating habits.


Crappy food = Tired + feeling fluffier + off track


Only ONE thing for it.


Sort my sh*t out, get back on that fitness wagon and don’t WASTE a single second feeling guilty for something I can’t change.


It’s happened, right?


^^^ golden motivation nugget right there ^^^


Nobody ever dropped a dress size from eating healthy one day just like nobody ever got fat from indulging one day.


Consistency is key, Easter happens once a year and today is a NEW day.


So use it to get back on it, stop feeling guilty and start chasing your goals again.


If you missed my quick & simple tips to help you do that.


Check them out:


And I know, I hear ya…


It can be hard getting motivated.


Having spent most of 2019 sick or in recovery mode and STILL currently under the influence of the lurgy it’s not easy.


But I always keep a positive mindset and continue to succeed because I’m honest with myself.


A great tip and place to start moving forward is by looking in the mirror.


I don’t have time.


I don’t have the money.


I need to wait till bla bla blaaaa.


Be brutally honest with yourself and stop believing your excuses.


Nobody is going to come ‘save’ you.


Nobody is going to wave a ‘magic motivation stick’.


And sadly nobody cares whether you look hot and feel confident on the beach this Summer.


Your happiness is your responsibility.


Tough love…..but true.


Find that mirror, look yourself in the eye and decide:


Are you ready to stop believing your bullsh*t and willing to put in the effort required to change?


(adopting this mindset is not easy but essential to make any kind of progress)




Are you willing to remain the same because deep down, you can’t be bothered and not ready to fully commit?


If you’re ready for change, here’s the EXCITING part.


You only need to make small changes, one day at a time.


Have a little read of those quick tips you scrolled past and let’s get started.


By this time tomorrow


– You’ll feel better than you do today.


By this time next week


– You’ll notice your motivation getting stronger.


By this time next month


– You’ll notice your motivation, mind AND body getting stronger.


By this time next Easter


– You’ll be the best possible version of you.


Stronger, fitter, leaner, healthier, more energy, more motivated, more positive, more in control.


Buuuut only if you choose to : )


If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change – MJ


Lee ‘starting with the (wo)man in the mirror’ Donald x



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