And hellooooo Summer!!


If you live in Aberdeen it may not ‘FEEL’ like Summer (does it ever? lol) but with Easter out the way and kids officially back at school there’s only thing on everyone’s mind.


Sunshine, beaches, holidays, beer gardens, QT with the fam and GOOD times ahead.


Oh and losing weight, toning up, shifting that ab-flab, getting rid of those muffin tops, bingo wings and generally just wanting to feel SEXIER and more confident.


If that’s YOU.


Check out my 9 quick tips to help you firm those wobbly bits and get in the BEST shape possible this Summer.


1. Keep Temptation Out The House


If you’ve got crap in the cupboard, you’ll EAT it…..and vice versa.


If you need to keep certain foods in the house, bag it up and put it in a different cupboard.


Out of sight out of MIND.


2. Hit Up That Water


A simple way to flush out those toxins, increase your ENERGY and boost your fatloss.


Aim for a minimum of 2 litres a day.


3. Load Up on Veggies


These badboys are supercharged with fibre, vitamins and minerals which will help your digestive system, bloating and boost your immune system.


4. Get Plenty of Protein In On Your Weekly Shop


Think lean meat, fish, eggs, yoghurt, cheese, beans, pulses, quinoa, etc.


Stocking up on protein helps CURB cravings and keep you FULLER for longer.


Protein also builds lean muscle tissue = higher metabolism = better fatloss = better definition = hellooo beach bod


5. Stay Off The Alcohol On ‘School Nights’


It’ll give your liver a much needed rest as well as help out your waistline.


6. Plan Your Meals / Snacks


Even if it’s just 1 day before.


You’ll be MUCH less likely to eat crap on impulse.


7. Make You A Priority


NOBODY else will to do it for you.


8. Enjoy Your Workouts


Life’s too short to be unhealthy or doing things you don’t enjoy.


If you enjoy something, you’ll stick at it = RESULTS!!


If you want to have the best TIME of your life getting in the best SHAPE of your life.


Come check out my fitness classes in Aberdeen : )



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9. Seize The Day


EVERY day is your chance to get closer to where you want to be – don’t waste it!


If you’re fed up of feeling the SAME year after year.


You have to DO something different : )


Lee ‘producing beachbods since 2011’ Donald x



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