‘Aaaand the WINNER is’


– Hold that thought while I set the scene for hands down the most nerve wracking moment I’ve ever experienced.


On Sunday me, my mum and 6 of my lovely fitness family headed off on our road trip to the National Scotland’s Business Awards Grand Final 2018 in Glasgow.


After stopping for a Team lunch, arriving in plenty of time, unloading a rather unnecessary amount of champagne (we were clearly there to celebrate, lol) then swapping our fitness gear for frocks and getting GLAMMED up we were ready to hit the red carpet and mingle.


Out of the 1000’s of businesses who entered the awards in 14 different regions around Scotland.


The Grand Final was a sell out and their biggest to date with around 550 people and 130 businesses there on the night with EVERY one of them already won their Region (including LDPT).


Yup it was down to the best of the best and highly INSPIRING being in a room with so many hardworking, passionate and successful entrepreneurs.


Having being in this position last year (and lost) this was Round 2 and not gonna lie…


It didn’t feel great losing and I really didn’t want to lose again but who knew what was going to happen.


Either way, I was going to find out SOON.


I was pretty sure my award would be announced after dinner (like last time) which allowed me to try and relax a little….and not get too boozy! lol.


Stumbling on stage and slurring your speech is never a good look.


However I couldn’t BELIEVE the number of businesses in each category.


Last year there were around 4-5 businesses.


THIS year there were 7-8!


Competition was HIGHER than ever and my nerves were accumulating by the second.


Enjoying dinner as much as I could in an effort to distract myself from what was about to happen and soak up the copious amount of bubbles, I knew my fate would be decided soon.


At this point I have to say a HUGE thank you to my mum and Fitfam for being there for me.


From the start of our road trip till finish, we had such a giggle and it really did help.


Then all over a sudden, dinner was over, the MC took to the stage and sh*t was about to get real.


A goal that I’d been working towards for a whole YEAR was quite possibly about to be achieved…or not.


A handful of awards were announced then ‘Best Health & Wellness’ came on the big screen.


DEEP breath, control your heart rate Lee.


This wasn’t my category but surely I was next.


Time was ticking, I knew my grandparents were waiting up for the result, my sister, Dad, friends, the rest of my Fitfam, clients, MAX Experience members and so many people on my social media were eagerly awaiting.


Looking around at my mum and Fitfam we all shared the same look of crossed fingers, anxiety, nerves and hope.


And the next award is…


Not chuffing mine!! lol.


This continued every award for around another 6 awards or so.


One word – BRUTAL!


My mum and the girls were in an even worse state of anxiety than me by this point, haha.


It was almost the LAST award of the night then…..it came.


The moment we’d all been waiting for.


It’s awesome this was all caught on camera so I’ll just let you press play : )


I can’t describe the INSANE feeling of adrenaline, excitement, fear (and alcohol) coarsing through my veins at this moment but it’s definitely one I’ll remember forever!​​​​​​​



Being able to share this experience with my mum and Fitfam was truly INCREDIBLE.


And I can’t thank them enough for taking the time out their days to be there and support me.


Mum even gave up a hot date with Lionel Ritchie : )


I’ve be completely BLOWN away by all the amazing support, comments, touching messages, cards, flowers and kind words from everybody.


From people I know to those I’ve never met – I’m honestly, so grateful.


Lee ‘feeling proud, humbled and loved’ Donald x



For more pics, just check out my awards album on my Facebook page : )



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