4.5 weeks.


Not long now till me and the fam hit Menorca and ‘the beach bod’ comes out.


Believe or not, I have to work just as hard as you to keep in shape and feel good about myself and right now, I don’t feel quite on point!


It’s pretty challenging when you have a 2 year old and busy business to run.


Clients, classes, creating programmes, emails, filming, editing, accounts, marketing, holiday clothes shopping, packing, BodyMax birthday, Canada day, Tough Mudder, the Ythan bla bla blaaa.


Yuuup there’s ALOT to do before my holibobs and I’ve no doubt you’re in the same boat.


It’ so easy to grab whatever’s ‘on the go’, eat poorly, sleep less, become a stresshead, skip workouts and feel completely overwhelmed so by the time you actually go on holiday….


You’re abit of a wreck.


So here’s my 7 ‘secrets’ to lose that jelly belly, stress less and feel fabulous on holiday this year.


1. Be In A Calorie Deficit.


Theeee most important rule to weightloss/fatloss.


Carbs, fat, protein, sugar, ice cream – these do NOT create jelly bellys.


Eating too many calories does!


Nothing has to be eliminated or taken off the menu, just enjoy things in MODERATION.


Not sure HOW many calories you eat or HOW to create a deficit?


Try downloading MyFitnessPal – free app.



WEEKLY calories rule over daily calories.


Don’t stress if you go over 1 day (that’s life) bring it back the next.


2. Keep Hydrated.


So simple yet sooo many people don’t do this.


Aim for at LEAST 2 litres of water a day.


Best way to assess hydration is PEE colour.


Light, non smelly = congrats your on point.


Dark, smelly = reach for that H2O!


3. Eat Protein at Every Meal.


This is a minimum.


Try to incorporate protein into your SNACKS too.


Think yoghurt, babybels, humous, pre-cooked meats, smoked salmon, boiled eggs, shakes, bars, etc.


Aiming for 1.6 – 2kg of protein per kg of bodyweight will keep you on track.


4. Sleep.


ESSENTIAL for fatloss not to mention energy and every other function of your body.


Everybody’s different but 7-9 hours is a good start.


5. Reduce Alcohol Intake.


At almost the same amount of calories per gram as BUTTER this is a no brainer.


(7cals Vs 9 cals).


You don’t need to cut it out completely but BINGING on the vino then expecting to have a flat, sext stomach – ain’t gonna happen.


Try switching to vodka, sparkling water and fresh lime – my fave.


Low cal and super refreshing.


6. Add Weights To Your Training (2-3 x p/w)


More muscle = More calories burned


= More toned

= Less fat

= Stronger, sexier body

= Goodbye jelly belly


In order to help BUILD your more toned, sexier bod you need to nail tip No.3.




If you’re not sure how to weight train, you’ll find a fantastic selection of 10 min workouts in my online fitness hub The MAX Experience.


Don’t worry if you don’t have weights, simply using water bottles to start with will do.


Tell me more Lee:


7. Don’t Over Complicate Things


Losing weight and getting rid of your jelly belly simply requires EFFORT.


There’s no ‘magical’ way around it, no ‘secrets’ and nobody that’s going to do it for you.


Focus on nailing the BASICS above.




Be patient.


And I promise – you WILL see / feel results.


Start today and by this time next week, month and especially on your holibobs – you’ll thank yourself for it.


Lee ‘letting all the secrets out’ Donald x



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