‘And The Winner Is….’


Last month at Scotland’s Business Awards when they announced


‘And The Winner is Lee Donald Personal Training’,


between the suspense music and overly long X Factor style pause…


It was sooo nerve racking!!


But at the same time, AMAZING for a small, local business to receive such fantastic recognition.


Aaaand it’s going to happen ALL over again next month on Sunday 28th May in Glasgow at the National Grand Final.


Where all the winners from each region such as Edinburgh, Dundee, Glasgow, Ayrshire, Perth and many more will gather and await their fate.


Each business there will have WON their region and am hoping to do Aberdeen proud!!


This is actually only 2 days after I’ll be celebrating LDPT’s 6th year Birthday so just be there on the night is very humbling and the icing on my cake.


When I think about where it all began, from my mum’s front room with 1 kettlebell and 1 client to my name….it truly has and continues to be a journey.
Nobody knows who ‘the winner’ will be but I doooo know that EVERY vote counts.


If you can spare literally a couple of seconds out your day to vote by punching in your name/email address and show your support…


That would be AWESOME!! (and very much appreciated)


Just click below:



Business Name:
Lee Donald Personal Training


They have a pretty clever voting system so you can only vote once but you’re family members and friends are welcome to vote too : )



If you’re not sure whether I deserve to be in with a chance of winning then let’s get connected on social media and you can decide for yourself.


Lee ‘Representing Aberdeen’ Donald x



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