If someone asked you to strut your stuff in your beachwear RIGHT NOW


– How would you feel?


Yuuup that’s us…


May Bank Holiday and officially 5 months into the year, warmer weather settling in (apparently) and Summer months on the way.


Now is usually the time people start to THINK about their Summer holidays and their beachbody’s but don’t do much about.


June arrives, you start exercising a LITTLE more, perhaps trying to eat a LITTLE better but you’re not very serious about it.


There’s plenty of time right? – WRONG


Before you know it July’s landed, your holiday’s 2 weeks away, reality’s hit, you’re nowhere NEAR looking/feeling how you wanted aaaaand you don’t feel comfortable in any of your clothes.


– Cue crazy dieting and panic.


Be honest.


Who’s been there?


Feels pretty sh*tty doesn’t it, so imagine.


A life where you NEVER have to stress or panic about revealing your beachbody again.


Good News


That life can be yours if you start making small changes and doing something about it TODAY!


Yes, even on a Bank Holiday when you probably can’t be bothered.


The sooner you start making changes, the SOONER you’ll have that life.


I’m not talking about an entire food, exercise and lifestyle overhaul ALL at once – I mean start small.


Infact I’ve got a SMALL, simple tip you can use today that’ll make a HUGE difference to getting the body and confidence you want.


** Operation Beachbody Tip of The Day **


Just get started.


And it’s OK if you don’t do this (press play)



Lee ‘working on things just like you’ Donald x



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