THRILLER……Thriller Night, la, la, la.


Gotta love abit of Michael Jackson!!


For my sister’s birthday on Saturday night a bunch of us got dressed up in rock theme (because we could) and were taught ‘Thriller’ by a choreographer.


Maaaaan I forgot how FUN dancing is, how much it challenges your co-ordination and more importantly what a wicked WORKOUT it is.




After unleashing our inner MJ for about 2 hours,


Granted we stopped for some vodka breaks (hey we were celebrating) we had our final ‘take’ recorded on VIDEO, lol.


If you’ve not seen the video on my Facebook yet, let’s get connected.


Head over there and have a look.


So what does unleashing my inner MJ got to do with helping YOU?


Losing weight and toning up isn’t all about squats, press ups, burpees and weights.


Although these are important and FANTASTIC exercises it’s also essential to switch things up and just get get your butt moving.


EVERY physical activity burns calories.


And folks there is only ONE rule to weightloss / fatloss.


This rule is what Slimming World, intermittent fasting, Cambridge diet, Atkins diet and EVERY other diet out there is based on.




Yup it’s not fancy or even complicated, you simply need to burn MORE calories than you consume.


That’s it!


So whether you hit the gym, bust out some HIIT workouts at home, go to fitness classes, do the garden, clean the house, wash the car, walk to work or dance…


It ALL counts.


I actually enjoyed myself so much on Saturday night that I think I’m going to start dance lessons.


And that’s the key.


If you enjoy something, you’ll stick at it and consistency = RESULTS.


I’m NOT the best dancer and don’t offer dance lessons however,


I’m a weightloss / fatloss expert who specializes in making workouts FUN and helping people get results without stepping foot in a gym.


If you’d like to get in shape for Summer and enjoy doing so, just get in touch and we can get you started : )


Lee ‘about to bust some moves’ Donald x



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