1. Better posture.


2. Less stressed.


3. Less risk of injury.


4. Boost your energy.


5. Move easier with less pain.


6. Improve your workout performance.


7. muscles soreness after your workout.


Ladies and Gentlemen…..behold the benefits of stretching.

FREE, easy to do and you can do it ANY time.


So many people focus on trying to squeeze in their WORKOUTS that they often forget to stretch.


If you struggle for time during the day…


Stretching first thing when you wake up is AMAZING to waken up your muscles and positively prepare you for the day ahead.




Simply take 5/10 mins in the evening perhaps while watching the TV to LOOSEN you off after a tense day at work and looking after the kids.


Standard stretches are great but this one in particular is AWESOME for loosening up your hips and back!


Fantastic for runners, people with desk jobs, driving jobs and to be honest just everyone.


If you can’t get your elbow all the way to the ground (don’t worry many people won’t) then watch at 19 seconds and just get as close as you can.



Give it a go.


Can you get YOUR elbow to the ground?


Don’t worry if you can’t the more you practice, the more flexible you’ll become : )​​​​​​​


Lee ‘loves a good stretch’ Donald x



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