Who wants a Jagerbomb?

‘Load ’em up Lauren’.


Yuuup 6 kids later and 16 years after we all first met and lived together at Southampton Institute’s Halls of Residence we STILL have the ability to unleash our inner ‘student’, lol.


Last Friday, my wife, daughter and I headed down to London to meet up with my ‘London Girls’.


Despite being best friends, we only get to see each other once or twice a year.


Now officially all mum’s, this year was the the first time EVER we all met with our children.


Ranging from 8 months to 6 years old and all staying under one roof – it was a full w/e of crazyness, FUN aaaand not much sleep!


At the weekend I think it’s fair to say we ALL tend to let our hair down a little (myself included).


However I usually pretty much stay ‘in check’ and make sure I have a ‘balance’ so I keep pushing forward towards my goals.




I have to CONFESS.


There was not much staying in check.


There was very little ‘balance’ with regards to food although…


I did have my fatblasting BodyMax Burn class on the Friday, danced my butt off to great tunes on Saturday night and participated in a highly competitive horse race on the Sunday!


Check it out : )



Safe to say, there was ALOT of hair let down.


Aaaaand the only moving forwards was to grab a slice of pizza, glass of vodka or win the boozy wheelbarrow race (Joc you CHEATED! lol).


While I’m at it…


Confession No.2:
Whilst slightly intoxicated with jager and vodka, I also ate a WHOLE share bag of Revels to myself.




This PT is indeed human and fell of the wagon in style!!


Good job our Re-Union doesn’t happen often.


I would also like to point out all children were in bed by the time the jagers were busted out and there were 2 sober adults.


(we’re abit more sensible these days, lol).


Anyway, despite the serious lack of sleep, carpet burns and a few minor injuries from wheelbarrow ‘accidents’, we had an absolute CRACKING time and made memories we’ll keep forever.


I could easily WASTE my time feeling guilty about the all the ‘crap’ I ate and alcohol I drank but,


I don’t believe in regrets and to be fair that’s definitely not going to help me get closer to my goals.


Plan of action.


Get back ON that wagon and kick some a$$


Nutrition – On point.

Workout – On the menu.

Mindset – On the right track.


Moral of The Story:


1. Sometimes we fall off the wagon (epically) and that’s OK just get back on it asap.


2. Life’s too short for regrets, chuck it in the f*ck it bucket and MOVE ON.


3. Indulging occasionally at the w/e won’t sacrifice your goals unless it’s every w/e and and you OVER indulge.


4. Parenting and hangovers are NOT a great combo, if you’re going to drink – suck it up buttercup.


5. Lack of sleep increases your hunger hormone and will make you more likely to reach for those custard creams….better sleep = better FATLOSS.


6. Don’t overestimate how fast your wheelbarrow can go (it hurts, lol).


7. Surround yourself with positive people who want to see you succeed.


8. Just because you grow OLDER doesn’t mean you have to grow up.


9. Happiness is always a CHOICE.


Have a great week!!


Oh and stay tuned to Thursday’s blog.


I’ve got an AWESOME super simple, belly blasting workout to help you get shredded and sexy for Summer.

Lee ‘big kid’ Donald x



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