Want to shred bodyfat and feel sexy for Summer?


As promised on Monday…


I have an awesome, cheeky little workout to help you do just that.


Aaaand it only takes 10mins.


30secs Skipping.
– Any type.


30secs Plank Jacks / Mtn Climbers

– Go slower to engage your core more, faster to push your cardio.


Repeat 10 times.


Check it out:



If you’re a BUSY person who’s short on time but wants get rid of that stubborn belly fat.


You want to feel stronger, fitter, lighter, leaner, sexier and just HAPPIER in yourself.


These kind of short, high intensity workouts are hands down theee most EFFECTIVE (and fun) way to make it all happen.


Let me know if you give it a go – I LOVE hearing from you!!

Lee ‘helping you build your beachbod’ Donald x



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