I hope you’re having a positive and productive week!
How crazy has the weather been?!
Do you hibernate when it’s raining?
Do you stop working towards your goals when it’s wintery?
Yes we ALL feel happier when the suns out…
but if you let the sunshine determine your mood, positivity, productivity, goals and happiness…
You’ll simply be miserable and stuck in a rut!
Feeling confident.
Feeling content with your reflection.
Feeling comfortable in your clothes (and skin).
Feeling a sense of achievement every time you hit another goal…
This should NOT be seasonal – You are NOT a fruit!!
You deserve to look and feel the best you possibly can ALL the time.
When your nutrition is on point.
We you do your daily workouts.
When you tick off your ‘to do’ list.
When you start the day with a positive affirmation.
Ditch the junk food, processed food and fizzy juice.
(when we eat crap – we feel like crap!)
Stop grazing all day and have your 3 set meals.
Cut back on the fruit (no more than 2 portions a day).
Eat LOTS of veg especially the green stuff.
Set aside 10mins for your workout.
(YES that’s all you need if you do it right!)
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Make a list of what you need to do and just DO IT.
Start EVERY day with a positive thought.
Lee ‘pro ass kicker’ Donald x
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