It’s February, it’s cold and there’s snow…

WOW that’s a goal breaker right there!


At this point YOU are going to fall into 1 of 2 categories.

1. Someone who GIVES UP.





If you’re a number 1 don’t worry, I read something on Pinterest yesterday that inspired today’ email which should help you get back on that wagon.


Here’s 22 reasons why you SHOULDN’T give up and what happens when you become a no. 2!


1. Heavy things feel so…light.

You can honestly and legitimately say ‘I didn’t know my own strength’.


2. Somehow you’re able to climb endless flights of stairs without gasping for breath.

3. You feel a lightness akin to moon gravity.

Your new level of energy knows no bounds.


4. None of your clothes fit anymore.

5. You actually crave healthy food.

MMMM, nothing like a big fat salad.


6. But you also know that if you eat something terrible, it won’t matter.

BOOOOM healthy metabolism.


7. Your healthy habits start to rub off on everyone around you.

The people who once shamed you for avoiding the fried chicken at the party and heading to the gym instead of happy hour are now asking you for advice on how to live their lives.


8. You sleep good. Soooo good.

You fall into bed and pass out like a baby.

No more midnight snacking or 4am procrastinating.


9. You realize there are veins you never knew existed.

You are a Master of Vascular.


10. You can actually hear your body talk.

11. The combination of endorphins and confidence results in the best sex of your god dam life.

The best things in life make you sweaty.


 12. Two words: mental clarity.

All that fog floating around in your brain has been miraculously sucked out and replaced with the beautiful sound of your own thoughts.



Weeeey, cheap night.


 15. Your new favorite activity (besides working out, obvs): fondling your own muscles in self-satisfaction when you’re bored.

You KNOW you do it, lol.


 16. Feeling sore is such a surprisingly satisfying feeling.

You revel in lactic acid.


 17. You are now officially a morning person.

Coffee who?


18. Fresh air never felt so good.

Going outside and really breathing it all in gives you a renewed sense of self, now that you’re hyperaware of the air flowing through your body.


19. Your new found addiction to working out has helped you kick all your other vices.

Now that you actually work out your lungs, it no longer feels good to fill them with toxic smoke.


20. Your skin hasn’t looked this good since you were in primary school.

21. You realise you’ve reached the threshold where working out is not a chore – you legitimately enjoy it.

The old you would never have believed you, but working out is FUN now that all your hard work has paid off.


And THAT my friend is 21 dam good reasons why YOU should be grabbing February by the balls!


I’d love to hear your thoughts on this one…

What number rings particularly true to YOU?


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