The sun’s shining, blue skies overhead and the week FULL of opportunities has just begun.


It’s a happy time right?

Or is it…


Just how happy are YOU?


Believe it or not, how you THINK and FEEL is directly affected by what you eat.

Evidence proves that eating the rights foods can improve your IQ, your mood, memory, emotional stability and keep your mind young.


Patrick Holford undertook the UK’s biggest health survey asking questions that included:


‘How sharp is your mind?’

‘How balanced is your mood?’

‘How consistent is your energy?’


This survey was done in 2004 and included 37,000 people.

Below are some of the findings.


Become impatient quickly – 82%

Have low energy levels – 80%

Energy is less than it used to be – 76%

Feel have too much to do – 67%

Become anxious or tense easily – 64%

Suffer with PMS/PMT – 63%

Easily become angry – 53%

Suffer from depression – 44%

Have difficulty concentrating – 43%

Become nervous/hyperactive – 38%

Have poor memory/difficulty learning – 32%


I don’t know about YOU but I find these results pretty scary!

(especially seeing as this survey was carried out 11 years ago)


Our lives and environments are continually changing and our bodies are struggling to cope with it.

We live in a world containing over 10 million new chemicals, thousands of which are pumped into our food, injected into our toiletries and added to our cleaning products.

Some of these chemicals are found in the water you drink and the air that you breathe.


Is it ANY wonder that the human body is struggling to cope?

The basic foundations of our lives are changing so fast that the BRAIN is struggling to keep up.

We are living in a fast paced, super charged world and the knock on results of this is ill health and poor mental health.


Think about it…

  • You now text/email instead of writing letters.
  • You don’t have to wait til you get home to make a phonecall – contact is at the touch of a button.
  • You can get info, purchase and search just about anything ‘online’.
  • Our kids seem to now have a mobile as standard.


It makes for an exciting and privileged world but it also means that we seem to forget to take care of ourselves.

Constantly feeling PRESSURED by time and space and STRESSING out about every little thing is neither making us happy or healthy.


According to the World Health Organisation, mental health problems are becoming the No.1 health problem this century with 1 in 4 people suffering with them at some point in their life.


Technology will continue to blow our minds, chemicals will continue to surround us so it’s time to TAKE CONTROL of the things you can.





These will BOTH have a DIRECT effect on your mood, energy, emotions, brain power, physical & mental health.

Get in that drivers seats and take care of yourself.


YOU have the power amigo!

There is only ONE of you, NO replacement and NO second chance.


Let’s get it right and use today to get back on that wagon and start REALLY pushing forward to your goals.

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Lee ‘cracking the happy whip’ Donald x

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