Hands up if you’ve been on a diet?


Hands up if you’re STILL trying to shift those extra pounds?


If you’re hands are up then make sure you keep reading because I’m about to drop a truth bomb and reveal some of the BIGGEST myths why you’re not losing fat.


The reason you’re not losing fat or shifting weight is NOT because…


You’re not taking raspberry ketones.


You don’t go to Weight Watchers.


You’re not doing the Atkins diet.


You’re not on the Cambridge diet.


You don’t drink weight loss tea.


You’re not vegan/vegetarian.


You’re not detoxing.


You’re not paleo.


You’re not keto.


You don’t fast.


The reason you’re struggling to lose fat is because you eat too many CALORIES.


There’s only 2 words you need to know when it comes to successful fatloss.




– You need to burn MORE calories than you put in your mouth.


How many calories did you eat yesterday?


‘I haven’t a clue how many calories I’m eating Lee’.


Then a good place to start is to find that out.


What gets measured – get managed.


An EASY way to do this to use MyFitnessPal (free app to download).


This is what I’d recommend first but hey, if you don’t want to do that then let’s keep it simple and use common sense.


1. Eat 3 meals a day (aim to get protein in at each one)


Think lean meats, fish, eggs, pulses, yoghurt, etc.


2. Allow yourself 2-3 snacks (around 100-200cals each)


If you can get protein in here too that would be great but if not, don’t stress.


And if you missed my awesome ‘Best Snacks For Fatloss’ video.


Check it out:


3. Don’t over restrict yourself


You can eat ANYTHING you like as long as stay within your daily (most importantly weekly) calorie allowance.


Here’s a free and easy to use online calculator to work that out.


Online Calculator:


Using MyFitnessPal is super simple way to then track and log it.


4. Do abit of research and read food labels so you can make better food choices.


Just because something appears healthy, doesn’t mean it’s not full of crap and calories.


Watch out for ‘healthy’ smoothies, salad dressings, vegetable crisps, etc.


5. Use your hand to help with portion control.



Follow these 5 simple steps.


Wash them down with plenty of water (ideally 2 litres daily).


Add some regular exercise to the mix.


And your onto a WINNER!!


Keep it simple – simple works.


Once you get a better understanding of portion size, protein and calories, you’ll be able to make much more informed decisions.


Cue awesome results and healthy eating habits you can sustain for the rest of your LIFE.


Life long results are based on your SMALL positive changes made on a daily basis.


Not DRASTIC changes made over 2,4,6 or 10 weeks!

Lee ‘helping you take control back and beat the BS’ Donald x



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