Whether you had a date with Mr. Gray, the sofa or gym this w/e, I hope you enjoyed it.


Did you squeeze in a workout?

Did you take some time for R&R?

(rest and recovery).


If you’re on Facebook, you’ll know that I did a bit of both.


A wicked Valentines Saturday sweatsesh with my buddys followed by some wining and dining with my lovely wife.

Yeeep I had pudding and everything but the most important part – I got back on that healthy wagon the next day.


So my friend…


Are YOU back on that wagon?

Do you need a nudge?


It’s a NEW day, NEW week and a fantastic opportunity to chase YOUR goals.



The Bad News:

Not everyone will take advantage of this opportunity and not everyone will achieve their goals.

3rd week of February and statistically, if you haven’t given up already….you soon will!


The Good News:

I’m going to help you make sure YOU are not one of those statistics!!!

And a super simple way to get back on that wagon and kick off the week is with a Drinking Challenge!!


Bear with me…


So ‘they’ told you it’s what you’re supposed to be drinking.

‘Drink this

‘Have some of that…it gives you so many of the vitamins and minerals!’

Orange juice…apple juice…cranberry juice…juice juice!!


It’s all sugary crap.



If you’ve got OJ sitting in your fridge thinking you’re doing anyone a favour, think again.

Its needless calories and pointless sugar….LOTS of sugar!


‘But it has so much Vitamin C!’


If your goal is to be an overweight, sugar junkie who doesn’t have a cold then carry on.


25 grams of sugar in an 8 oz. glass.

I’ll say it again…TWENTY FIVE.


And you know you don’t just drink 8 ounces…DOUBLE IT.


‘What about fibre?’

ZERO fibre folks!


You know what has a full day’s worth of Vitamin C?

That’s right…an orange.


It also has 4 grams of fibre and a quarter of the sugar.

Eat fruit and drop the juice.


‘But what about ‘All-Natural’ juice?’


Drop the juice!


Quit glugging down calories on empty beverages and get them from filling, wholesome, nutrient dense food.

You’ll be LESS hungry and you’ll consume FEWER calories.


Embrace water – Get all crazy and float a lemon/lime/strawberry or even add hot water.

Test drive green tea’s.




Don’t drink a single calorie at all this week.



Protein shakes with max one blended piece of fruit per day.

 If I made the exception for smoothies we’d be here all day with finer details.


You’ll probably drop a COUPLE pounds, maybe even MORE.

Repeat next week.


Write to thank me later  : )


Oh and did you see my tip of the Day?

If you do this you’re seriously halting your progress!


Check it out:

I’m giving YOU the tools to be the healthiest and happiest you can possible be but YOU have to use them.


YOU have the power to make change happen.

YOU can make your goals a reality.


Have a positively awesome week….because YOU can!


Lee ‘the juice buster’ Donald x

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