‘HALF of 5 year olds in Britain are overweight’.

Scary statistic huh?


What do YOU think about this?

I asked this question over on my Facebook page this morning so feel free to get involved.


Did you see last night’s Channel 4 Junk Food Kids Who’s To Blame?

If you missed it, you’ll get it on ‘catch up’ – it’s pretty hard hitting but definitely worth a watch.


This all very much relates to Monday’s email and the amount of sugar adults and children are consuming not only through food but also beverages.


Have YOU been taking part in Monday’s Drinking Challenge?

(not DRINKING a single calorie).

How’s it working out for you?


If not,

How many calories have YOU drank?

How much sugar?


​When you calculate it all up it’s pretty scary!


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Tell me how it’s all going.


Both diet and exercise come hand in hand and making simple changes like eliminating (at least cutting down) on the amount of sugar/calories we DRINK is a great start.


Speaking of great starts…

This could literally be the difference between you hitting your goals – or NOT!


Check out my Tip of The Day:


And once you get started here’s an AWESOME way to finish.


Badass Finisher Drill:


It’s quite a complex move so start in a press up position and aim to just step forward with both feet to each leg.


Mastered that – Step and add the kick through.

Mastered that – Add a push up.


Then if you want to join the crazy club you can add a weighted training vest (10kg worn in video).

It’s tough and this is at the end of my workout (pooped!) but a GREAT exercise to learn and progress.


Lee ‘crazy lady’ Donald x


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