With the world right now and everything in it changing by the second.


I just wanted to give you a little re-assurance of something that will NEVER change.


My passion for helping you!!


If there’s anything in particular you would like help with, please just get in touch and I’ll do my best.


In the meantime,


I thought a full body, stress busting workout to keep your body strong and mind healthy may be helpful.


Aaaand a fab way to keep the kids/other half active too!!


If you have any friends in isolation, working from home or that just need something positive to take their mind off things…


Feel free to share this with them.


All you need to do is press play and follow : )



I filmed this a little while ago.


However, this is a brand NEW release from the ‘Beginners Section’ of my online health, fitness & nutrition hub The MAX Experience.


I’ve released a few other workout videos from my members area before but thought you may enjoy something ‘fresh’ and simple for everybody to do.


Have fun and if you have any feedback on it, I’d love to hear.


Lee ‘always got your back’ Donald x



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