Jeeze – Corona, Corona, Corona.


Sadly, I’m not talking about that tasty Mexican bottle of refreshing beer.


The Coronavirus aka Covid-19 is everywhere – literally.


It’s causing HUGE disruptions and disaster to many but at this moment in time (just like any other time) how you choose to deal with the situation is highly important.


When it feels like things are out of control,


That’s a crucial moment to focus on the things you CAN control and be as strong mentally & physically as possible.


We all know to wash our hands, not touch our face, etc but a BIG key to helping prevent catching Covid-19 is boosting your immunity.


Simple things such as making better food choices and exercising regularly won’t magically cure everything but…


It will 100% help you get fitter, stronger, stress less and naturally decrease your chances of infection.


The even BETTER news is – you can do this from home!


* No gym.


* No expensive costs.


* No wasted time commuting.


* No added risk of contracting the Coronavirus.


* No added risk to your family or having to self isolate.


* No having to take time off your work and losing money.


If you’re not sure where to start, what exercises to do or the best way forward.


And simply need some support, guidance and motivation to help inject some positivity and happiness into this uncertain time.


Have a look at my online health, fitness & nutrition hub – The MAX Experience.


The MAX Experience:


It’s helped women like Gemma not only boost their immunity but feel stronger, fitter, happier and more in control than ever before.


All from the comfort of her own home.


Meet Gemma:



‘I started The MAX Experience in January 2019.


A new year meant a new start and it’s literally changed my life!


Since starting, I’ve lost 16.5” inches from top to toe, dropped a dress size and lost nearly a stone in a safe and healthy way.


Before I joined, I didn’t drink any water and was lucky if reached 3.5-4k steps a day.


Now I’m drinking 2 litres of water and hitting 10k steps on a daily basis, simply by making a some small changes that have now become habit!


Tracking my calories has also enabled me to think about what I’m eating.


I don’t deprive myself by any means (I still love chocolate) but now have everything in moderation.


I love the workouts!!


They’re varied, fun and the fact they’re 10mins make them easy to fit in to my day between work life and mum life.


They’re a great way to relax and de-stress after a busy day.


I also use them as a way to channel my bad moods rather than reach for the biscuit tin!


I now even attend a weekly aerobics class and manage the full class.


I would never have done this before but Lee and the girls have given me the confidence to believe anything is possible.


The support I get from the other women in the group is amazing.


Our weekly check ins for accountability have had a big impact on me.


The fact I have to check in helps me stay focused and motivated to achieve my goals.


I used to strive for perfection but Lee helped me realise that progress in any shape or form is good enough.’


Love this Gemma – well done!!


With the Coronavirus on the rise.


There really couldn’t be a better time to focus on you and boost your health & fitness.


Especially for those already in isolation.



Sounds like a great idea Lee but how much is it?


Usually – £19.99 p/m

No contract – cancel any time.


But I know lots of people reading this are concerned about their work and wages right now.


If that’s you.


Or you just don’t want to let Covid-19 stop you achieving everything you promised yourself this year and love a bargain.


Just get in touch (social media handles below) and I’ll give you a private link with a massive 50% off your first month.


No questions asked, no contract, no risk.


If you’re still unsure or thinking about it, I’ll leave you with the words of Gemma:


‘You won’t regret it’.

Lee ‘helping keep people safe, fit & healthy’ Donald x



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