Happy Monday!


How’s ‘Make it Happen’ March going for you?


Not really got it started yet?


Don’t worry, it’s NEVER to late.


Last week was all about Eating Disorders Awareness week but before that.


I shared with you some essential things you need to know if you’re goal this year is weightloss.


If you want to know the KEY to gaining a sexier stomach, less wobbly bits, having more energy, confidence, less stress and just looking good naked.


You really should check them out!


I explained exactly HOW to calculate your daily calorie requirements and WHY this is so important.


If you missed it, hit the link below:



I also explained about protein.


WHY you need it…..especially for weightloss.


HOW much you should aim for.


And WHERE you can get it from.


If you missed that, hit the link below:



For those following my advice, I’ve no doubt you’re making progress already!!


But whether you have or haven’t,


The next essential key I’m about to share with you is not only important for those wanting to lose weight but EVERYBODY living on this planet.


** Drink at least 2 litres of water daily **


If you already do this – Congratulations!


Your energy levels will be higher, cravings lower, concentration better, skin clearer and your body’s ability to BURN FAT more efficient.


If you don’t already do this or don’t do it CONSISTENTLY especially at the w/e then perhaps invest in one of these.



You can pick them up online from places such as Amazon and various stores such as Home Bargains.


Here’s 3 other simple tips to get your H2O levels up:


1. Make sure you always have access to water.


(bedside table, work desk, car, lounge when watching TV, etc)


2. Set an alarm every hour or so on your phone as a reminder


3. Have a little challenge between your family members.


Aaaand if you’re not a fan of water (I’m not).


Check out this short video and absolute game changer:



It’s really not difficult and doesn’t take much time but if you take on board thise advice and tips into action I promise…


It’ll make a really BIG difference.


Lee ‘helping you nail the basics’ Donald x



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