I hope you’re having a great week.


If you read Monday’s blog,


You’ll know it’s Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2020.


If you missed it:


Check it out:


Sharing my story over the phone and having it published in a newspaper is one thing.


However, last year BBC News Scotland came round to visit me not only for an interview on camera but also a video!!


Hands up, I was completely out my comfort zone and not really sure what to expect.


From previous experience with the press, once you say something you can’t take it back.


What if I said something that I didn’t mean in a fluster or that could be taken out of context?


Once again, I simply reminded myself the reason WHY I was doing this.


That being said, I still had to seriously pick up my lady balls to agree to this one! lol.


When this reporter was getting to me to talk to the camera, look here, look there, hang from that, lift this and walk that direction.


I had no idea what the video would look like.


You can see ‘that’ video and read my interview by hitting the link below:




I know I haven’t been writing the ‘usual’ type of blogs this week and appreciate you taking the time to read them.


Eating disorders is a subject close to my heart and wouldn’t feel right to not help raise awareness.




Next week we’ll be back to business when I’ll be helping you put ‘Make it Happen’ March into 1st gear!

Lee ‘much better a fitness than acting’ Donald x



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