I’m not sure what I SHOULD be eating.

I’m exercising LOADS but still can’t seem to lose weight.

I’ve no idea HOW many calories I am or should be consuming.

I get CONFUSED about food – can you just tell me what to eat?


I hear these statements ALL the time!!


I’ve seen lots of people SMASH their training goals but really STRUGGLE when it comes to food and shifting those extra pounds.


Truth is, you could exercise ALL day EVERY day but if you have a poor diet you’ll NEVER hit your goals.


And THAT, my friend is where my exciting news comes in.


My new website is officially LIVE!


Wooohooo that’s great Lee but how does that help ME???!


I’m very happy to announce that I am now able to give you a SOLUTION to all those food problems, struggles and confusion.


If you want to eat food you actually ENJOY,

Make simple and super TASTY meals,

Not feel restricted or starving,

Seriously SHIFT that stubborn fat for GOOD….


Check out my new an exclusive 6 Week Nutrition Plan.


You can go to www.ldpt.co.uk and have a nosey around my shiny new website or you just click on the link below for more info:




Not sure whether it’s for you?


1. Are you interested in losing WEIGHT and building a BETTER body?


2.  Are you interested in boosting your CONFIDENCE and feeling SEXY again?


3. Are you interested in feeling HAPPY with your reflection?


4. Are you interested in reaching your goals and making PROGRESS?


5.  Are you interested to NEVER be on a diet again?


To be honest if you’re not interested in ANY of this, it’s a good idea to not bother reading any of my blogs again.



If you ARE interested then get excited and go check out it out:


And hey,


If all this talk about fatloss, eating tasty / healthy food and unleashing your inner sexy goddess (god) tickles your fancy…


Check out my AWESOME new e-book and FREE gift to you – 21 Fatburning Recipes.


1. Go to my FREEBIES page https://www.ldpt.co.uk/freebies/

2. Select the freebie(s) you want.

3. Enjoy and SHARE this blog with your friends.


Lee ‘making life easier’ Donald x



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