A whole packet of chocolate digestives.

5 Pancakes with maple syrup.

A whole packet of haribos.

2 Empire biscuits.

3 Hot chocolates.


Yuuuuup I’m putting it out there…


Between last Thursday and yesterday those were a few items on my naughty list of foods I consumed.


For reference:

1. PT’s are crap at drinking alcohol.

2. PT’s are even worse at being ill.


Who cares, right?

How can this help YOU?


Well, having being bed/sofa ridden since Thursday with the lurgy…

After day 1 severe frustration set in.


I DON’T do ill,

I DON’T like cancelling classes,

I definitely DON’T like skipping a workout and,

I really DIDN’T want to have to cancel my friends coming to stay with me for the w/e.


(hmm, a whole lot of tough nuts for me then!).


Succumbed to the fact I wasn’t going to magically feel better anytime soon and that I could forget working out or even seeing my friends – cue anger and hellooooo Mr. chocolate digestives!!


It’s been a LONG time since I was a ‘comfort eater’ but once I started….I’m sure you know how the story goes

(hands up if you’ve been there).


Don’t get me wrong, I was PUMPING in the fresh lemon/ginger teas, salads, fruit, veggies, spices, etc to feel better but the urge to almost self sabotage and release my emotions through food definitely had a grip of me….NOT GOOD!


Fast forward to TODAY!

Feeling 90% better – how do I play it?


1. Continue to feel down, beat myself up because I fu*ked up and ‘should have known better’, continuing on that NEGATIVITY  train?




2. Chuck it in the fu*k it bucket, learn from my experience, move on and jump on board that POSITIVITY train?


This may seem like a no-brainer but have YOU ever struggled to jump off that negativity train?

Sometimes it’s not as easy as it seems.


But I know for me, without a single hesitation it’s no.2 all the way today.

I may not be fully better physically but mentally it’s GAME ON.


It’s the beginning of a NEW week with NEW opportunities I don’t plan on wasting.


And hey, this PT wants her ABS BACK!!


It’s soo important when you fall off the wagon (it can happen to ANYONE) that you get back on it the 1st chance you get.


From getting over an illness to having a blow out at the w/e, the more time you dwell on the NEGATIVE stuff the more time you waste being able to experience the POSITIVE stuff.


Here’s a few things I learned from my ‘deathbed’:


1. Sometimes sh*t happens – deal with it.

2. Don’t stress over the things you CAN’T control.

3. The world doesn’t end when you can’t work out.

4. Rest & recovery are EQUALLY as important as exercise.

5. Comfort eating is SHORT term pleasure sacrificing LONG term happiness.



How are YOU starting your week?

Are YOU ready to get ‘back on it’?

Which train are YOU on?


If you’re need help getting ‘back on it’ or even a seat on the right train…there’s not much an awesome 30min Monday workout can’t fix.


If you’re in Aberdeen tonight, check it out (exclusively women only):


Lee ‘moving onwards & upwards’ Donald x



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