The last full week of August…


Have you been working out?

Has your nutrition been on point?

Have you made ANY progress this month?


Life can get BUSY sometimes and we can fall off the wagon BUT here’s reality kicking in and what it comes down to.


When I ask you the above 3 questions at the end of next month…


What do YOU want your answers to be?


Chance are, you’re reading this blog because you want CHANGE.


From 4.5 years in the fitness industry (with a life time of experience) I know one of the HARDEST things to change AND stick to, is diet.


So, after releasing the exciting news last week about my spanking new 6 Week Nutrition Plans, it’s not surprising a lot of YOU guys got excited too.


And why not, being able to LOVE FOOD and LOSE WEIGHT at the same time…


What’s NOT to get excited about?! 


If you missed it – check it out:


If you want to get the MOST from your 6 Week Nutrition Plan


Are simply just struggling with fatloss, here’s one of the BEST things you can do!


Here it is:


If you watch it till the end – yup there’s a video coming soon so stay tuned!


And how awesome are your FREE 21 Fatburning Recipes?


Have you made any yet?


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I’d love to hear what you think of them : )


A few of you haven’t clicked on the confirmation link that was sent to you via email (check your junk/spam).


Click on that link then boom you get INSTANT ACCESS to these super healthy and tasty recipes.


If you missed them – grab yours here by selecting the relevant freebie:


The reason I write these blogs emails is because I want YOU to succeed.


I want to help MOTIVATE you to be ACTIVE, eat HEALTHY, be HAPPY and live the life that you want and deserve.


In order to do this I give you HEAPS of awesome free content, tips and videos but now again I will offer you things to buy…


No it won’t be house insurance or a microwave but it WILL be relevant and things that are going to help YOU reach your goals.


So if you’re:


1. Fed up of crappy ‘diets’ that never work. 

2. Working out but STILL not getting results.

3. Want to drop a dress size in just 6 weeks (women). 

4. Want to drop a belt hole or 2 in just 6 weeks (men).


Here’s your simple solution;​


With August almost over, the kids back to school and NO excuses…


It’s time to PREPARE and make sure we kick September’s ass!


And hey,

Stay tuned to Monday’s blog, I’ve got a couple of challenges coming your way!! : )

Lee ‘the game changer’ Donald x



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