Happy LAST Monday of the month.


Aaaand welcome to your 4th and FINAL week of my free ‘Feel Good Feb’ Challenge.


Going on the feedback from the 3 super simple goals I set you for weeks 1-3.


They’re producing some AWESOME results.


More energy, feeling fitter, clothes a little looser, less cravings, less bloated, better sleep.​​​​​​​


And that’s just after a few weeks!


If you missed what the challenge is all about and want a piece of that happy pie:

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Goal for Week 4


*** Take 10,000 steps DAILY ***


10,000 steps = about 5 miles or 9km.


Sadly many people don’t even hit HALF of this.


Infact, according to the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), the average person only walks between 3,000 and 4,000 steps per day.


How many steps do YOU take?


The best way to asses this is to invest in a some kind of pedometer.


You can go the ‘full hog’ and buy a Fitbit or other gadget but it’ll set you back about £100.


If you want to spend LESS then simply invest in a pedometer (you can pick them up for about £5 off Amazon) or download a free app on your phone.


Either way, it’s a good idea to start tracking and get MOVING.


You don’t have to hit bang on 10,000 steps but getting used to consistently hitting around that mark will help you burn those calories and get closer to your goal.


If you’re struggling to get your steps up here’s 10 Top Tips:


1. Get up EARLY and go for 10min stroll before breaky.


2. WALK to work or park further away.


3. Go for a walk at lunch time or up and down the office stairs.


4. Have a little post dinner walk to help aid your digestion and get those EXTRA steps in.


5. Offer to walk your friends or neighbour’s DOG.


6. Walk and talk EVERY time your on the phone.


7. Opt for the STAIRS instead of escalator or lifts.


8. CHALLENGE your friends / family – there’s nothing more motivation than a bit of healthy competition!


9. Do your FREE, fitness fuelling, ab-flab busting 10min HIIT workout I gave you.


(Click on the link you scrolled past for access)


10. Choose ACTIVE games to play with your children – Tig & Tag’s awesome!​​​​​​​


Here’s a snippet of what I got up to at the w/e : )



Being more active and leading a healthier, happier lifestyle doesn’t have to be all about workouts and gyms.


Your challenge this week is to keep going with goals 1-3.


1. Track your calories.


2. Drink 2 litres of water daily.


3. Eat more protein.


Plus log your steps and try to INCREASE them each day.


Nail these (the basics) and you’ll seriously FAST TRACK your fatloss!!


Lee ‘stepping up her step game’ Donald x



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