One of the BIGGEST obstacles standing between success and failure.


But don’t worry, that’s exactly why I’m here!!


To keep you MOTIVATED, give you SUPPORT and make sure you jump on board that SUCCESS train.




Jelly Belly June – Week 2 Challenge


How many steps have you been taking each day?
Hitting 10,000 yet?


And have you been surprised at just how many you ‘normally’ do?


Don’t worry if you’re still not hitting 10,000 just keep focused on trying to do a little more ONE day at a time.






Aaaand if you don’t have a funcy Fitbit or other device and you’re struggling to have your phone attached to you all the time…


You can order a pedometer online for around a fiver!!


Check out good old Amazon.


And make sure you head over to my Facebook Page and other social media channels (bottom of page) for some EXTRA motivation and support.


On Tuesday I posted:


5 Top Tips To Help You Reach 10,000 Step @ Work.


Miss Week 2?


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The GOOD News
The MAX Experience doors are still OPEN but you only have till tomorrow @ midnight then they’ll CLOSE till July.


The BAD News
There’s only room for a FEW more people to walk through those doors, take ACTION and become jelly belly blasting GAME CHANGERS.


If you missed your exclusive sneaky peak inside those doors.


Check it out:



Ready to be a jelly belly blasting GAME CHANGER?


Here’s how:

Lee ‘prepping for week 3’ Donald x



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