So how did Week 1 of ‘Jelly Belly’ June go?


Are you managing to drink at least 2 litres on a daily basis?


Are you getting a sweat on with Cardio Abs?


If you missed Week 1, click here:


Yes, we’re onto Week 2 but it’s sooo important you KEEP going with each challenge.


And hopefully reaching for that H2O this week will be a little more automatic than last week and next week it will – you get my drift.


So….what’s your challenge THIS week?


‘Jelly Belly’ June Challenge Week 2


Take 10,000 steps each day.


(if you don’t hit 10,000 on day 1, don’t worry just try to increase your steps each day).


If you don’t have a Fitbit or any other funcy device (I don’t) simply download a pedometer app on your mobile.


Something like this is great.

2016-06-10 11.15.47


Yuuuup it’s time to for you to peel your butt from the sofa, your car and desk and get more ACTIVE.




If you BURN more calories than you CONSUME.


– You will LOSE weight.


If you CONSUME more calories than you BURN


– You will GAIN weight.


Put simply,


If you want rid of that jelly belly you need to get active and start burning MORE calories.


Taking 10,000 step a day will also help:


1. Boost your MOOD.


2. Improve your SLEEP.


3. Reduce your STRESS levels.


4. Increase your ENERGY levels.


5. Improve your HEART and LUNG health.




And here’s a BIG but.


Walking will only do so much and the more you do the more your body will get used to it and therefore burn LESS calories.


So should you stop taking so many steps?


Absolutely NOT.


But you need to include workouts to INCREASE the intensity or your exercise.


Get your heart pumpin’, a SWEAT on and ensure your body burns the MAXIMUM amount of calories and bodyfat possible.


Cue our ‘Jelly Belly’ June Workout – Cardio Abs.


(click the link at the top if you missed this)


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No Gym?
No Problem.


How much?
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Not gonna lie, it’s pretty AWESOME!


The MAX Experience doors only open FOUR times a year with only 20 people allowed to walk through each time.


They’ll next open in JULY.


But for THIS week and this week ONLY I’ve opened the doors for another 10 people.


If you want to join a team of GAME CHANGERS and seriously do something about that jelly belly – you’ll have to be QUICK.


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It’s simple, super quick and perfect for BUSY people who want results.


But don’t just take my word for it, here’s what Kerrie has to say.


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Lee ‘shutting the doors Friday’ Donald x



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