Helloooooo Week 2 of ‘Operation October’.


If you missed this click below:


How’s October working out for YOU?


Have you taken advantage of these exclusive offers?


Have you made ANY progress or changes since last week?


It’s SOOO common for people to give up, to lie to themselves, to other people and to lose focus.


If THIS is you, you’re not alone.




What will separate YOU from the rest of the pack is if you LEARN from your mistakes.


Giving up gets you – NO WHERE.


Lying to yourself changes – NOTHING.


Losing focus produces – ZERO RESULTS.


If you’re not seeing and feeling the changes you want then be honest with yourself.


HOW much effort are YOU actually putting in?


Lets CHANGE things up this week.




Because you CAN, your progress depends on it and time is something you can NEVER get back!


Let’s get EXCITED for life.


You have a whole NEW week ahead of you.


If you made BAD choices last week, make BETTER ones this week.


You’ve 12 weeks left of 2015 to hit your goals.


ALOT can happen in that time if you start NOW.


And last but not least you have 3 weeks to take advantage of my crazy ‘Operation October’ offers.



Grab a buddy and kickstart the week with 30min energy BOOSTING, fat BURNING, body SCULPTING workout for just £3.50 each (Half Price).


You only have 3 Mondays (including today) left.


Check it out here:


Monday’s one of THEEE most important days to workout so let’s get you OFF that sofa and ON track with hitting your goals.


Simply drop me a text on 07510054788 for more details / to book your place.


Not in Aberdeen?


Not female? (classes are exclusively women only)


Not a problem…


You can still grab an AMAZING offer and SMASH your goals this month.


Till the 30th October only you can claim a massive £25 OFF a fully customized 6 Week Nutrition Plan.


Eat the foods you ENJOY and get in shape BEFORE the festive season.


Click here for more info:


Tick, tick, tick, tick….offers end Fri 30th Oct.


If you have ANY questions, please just ask : )


WHATEVER you do this week just make sure you’re not…


Living the SAME old life.

Complaining about the SAME old problems.

Doing the SAME old things.

Getting the SAME old results.

Lee ‘creating change’ Donald x



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